Newbie sez: I don't get this IPO stuff.

Hi folks. First post. I’m currently working on my first Blender project. Thought I’d start simple, so I just want to make a five-pointed, rotationally symmetrical star shape. I’ve drawn one point, and I’ve gathered that the way to go about the rest of it involves “animating” a rotation in 72-degree increments.

So I’m following this tutorial, but having problems when I get to the part about defining IPO keyframes. At the starting point, I select all three “Rot” attributes, then I hit “I” and select “Current Frame.” Then I rotate my shape by 72 degrees and repeat at frame 11, but nothing seems to happen. I don’t see a curve appear or anything. If it makes any difference, when I select the rotation attributes in the IPO window, a hollow box appears next to them, while the screenshot in the tutorial shows a filled box.

Can anybody help me out? Thanks.

Yes. If you are brand new to Blender, use the traditional tools for your work, instead of clever “tricks” as the author of the tutorial has shown. His method might be a fast way to build a single 600 step spiral stair (although I doubt it) but the spin or spin dup tool (scroll down) or the array modifier are both better suited to your project, and a lot of other work you may do in the future, where the technique in the tutorial is more of a one trick pony.

Save the animation stuff for after you’ve learned to model a bit. For a much better introduction to Blender, try BSoD/Introduction to Character Animation

Welcome to Blender Artists. :smiley:

Holy crap! I just read the bit in the manual about SpinDup. I SpinDuped my point, and suddenly I’ve got a freaking star!

Thanks, man (or lady)! That was totally awesome.