Newbie struggling with sculpting and symetry


My first post here. I’ve discovered blender (and 3d creation) a week ago or so, and got a real newbie question. Hopefully i’m posting it into the right section.

I’m trying sculpting (using dynamic typology) and activated the x&y axis symetrie. When i’m, using the snake hook brush, extruding? my geometry along the right view to match the sketch the symetrie works as expected. But when i’m working on the front view and try to extrude on the side only the first “plan” of the model is extruded… not sur how to explain this. but beside the first “plan” the geometry remains intact. A picture will be better i guess :smiley:

(please tolerance for the image just 4 days experiences :D)
Any ideas?
Thx in advance

are you saying that dynamic topolgy is working until you pass over an area where it has already been sculpted? then it no longer divides the faces?

I think the OP is saying that when using the snake hook brush from the front view, only a portion of the model is getting hooked. If that is indeed the problem, perhaps increasing the brush size could help?

Thank you both for u replies :wink:

But Modron i don’t quiet get your question… hopefully will soon, 3d creation is definitly fun

fantomx11 yep that did the trick

that’s ok, I didn’t quite get yours either. :cool: