Newbie stuck on first example!

Hi alll,
I’ve been exploring Blender 2.4 using the Roosendaal book as a guide. I’m stuck on the very first example (page 56-58), as the program on my computer is not behaving the way the book instructs. The steps are:

  • Open Blender to the default opening view. Remove the lamp, move the camera to layer 10. No problem.
  • Switch to front view (little problem - I have to do this with the menus - the num pad does not work here whether or not NUMLOCK is selected).
  • Select the cube by clicking with RMB - SEEMS TO WORK, but I think it’s going awry here…
  • Go to Edit mode and click Subdivide button - and now here it looks totally different from what’s in the book. Instead of having my cude face divided into four squares, I have the two visible upper vertices yellow, the bottom vertices pink, and the cube divides into three triangles (lines from bottom corners meet at the center of the top side).

I can’t figure out where it’s going wrong - there’s not that many steps to screw up here! Furthermore, I can change to top view, which does look like four squares. When I try BKEY and drag to select, nothing happens at all. The vertices are not selected.

Any tips? I’m clearly missing something very basic… :wink: If this is the wrong place to ask, can someone point me at the right place?


I am also new to blender but I know what’s causing your problem.
In 2.40, there’s a button which switches on/off a system whereby only the visible vertices can be selected on a mesh.(this is supposed to a help in modelling- so you don’t inadvertently select verts that you don’t want)
What’s happened is probably that this is active by default, and when you have tried to select some verts, it has not picked up the ones at the back of your mesh - just the front ones.
When you sub-divide, you would gets some tri faces at the sides because it can’t make quads ( not enough verts selected).

To remedy this just press the button I mentioned above.( it’s a button with a cube in it - in a row of buttons for changing selection mode) Make sure your in ‘Edit’ mode



Hi Larry, saw you rpost. I too am pretty new to Blender and have spent ages trying to work things out. Very frustrating when you hit a wall (as you have), but once you work things out you should be able to apply it to other models. Ok, your situation…

Open a new Blender window

You should have a square on the screen. This square is actually a 3 dimensional cube made up of 8 vertices and 6 sides. When you subdivide, you create new vertices. If you want to end up with 1 big cube divided into 8 cubes, you need to make sure you select ALL of the original 8 vertices.

Go into object mode (Tab), right click on the cube (the outline turns light pink). Go into edit mode (Tab). On the same line that displays Edit/ Object depending on which mode you are in, there are 4 icons on the right hand side of the bar (4 dots, a line, a triangle and a cube) Click on the dots (to show that you are going to select vertices) and DESELECT THE CUBE (this means you can select visible vertices AND those vertices hidden by the visible vertices). From here you had it right.

B (box select)


taa daaa

Your problem was that box icon I mentioned meant you were not selecting all of the vertices.

If you do want a cube with only one side divided into 4, do what you did before and then click on the line icon (as opposed to the dots), this way instead of selecting vertices, you can select lines. box select the lines you do not want in edit mode and then press x, and confirm “delete selected”. I hope this helps.

Terkel & Jupolo – thanks much! You guys saved my sanity!


you can press “a” to select all vertices

Hello. I too am very new to Blender, anbd have hit a lot of seemingly insoluble roadblocks, many more than I can go into here. I don’t want to comment on the specifics of them-- sometimes they were due to the differences btw v. 2.4 and the 2.3x that the tutorial was based on, sometimes just due to some concept I was missing, like not having that button selected that allows selection of “behind” verts…many many frustrating dead ends and many hours burned up w/ trial and error attempts at figuring them out.

Anyway, my suggestion is, TRY VIDEO TUTORIALS!

I did a couple of Greybeard’s Blender Tutorials <> And What a Differrence! I follow along with the video, stopping and going back when I need to, till I get it just like on the screen. I successfully did the dupliframes, for instance, after reaching a MAJOR dead end on the official dupliframes tut: <> If you miss anything along the way in this one, you’re totally f&#*ed!

So my advice as a newbie is–Search out and do video tutorials!

And Thank you to the experts who have created them.