Newbie tablet for sculpting/painting

Hello! As the title says, I am curious about what low price alternatives there are for decent sculpting/painting tablets there are.

I heard a lot of about bamboo, cintiq, intous. But I am not quite sure what the difference is. Except that Cintiq seems to be a monitortablet. Whilst the other 2 are Standalone tablets where you use it to navigate and sculpt instead of your mouse.

Which brings me to the question, how does that work exactly? How do you see where your cursor is positioned on the screen? I tried finding a video displaying this, but alas, I couldn’t.

Appreciate all the help I could get to make this clearer!

Best regards

You sure saw some pictures about a bamboo tablet. You have a little pen for it and it works simular to a touchscreen, except that it has no screen(that is you monitor).
You can use the pen like you fingers on a smart phone, but you control your mouse cursor on your monitor with that, like the mouse.
But the really nice thing is, that you can paint, sculpt eg. like with a normal pen on paper…
So I would by a bomboo or something simular because you can buy it with a low puged and it just works great! I have one.

Oh… You just plug it in the USB input…

Use a tablet while sculpting for 10 mins…
You’ll probably start wondering how the hell you lived before that…

So people tell me :slight_smile:

What specific models are good? There is more than a few to choose from :eek:

I use a bamboo… It works great for me. Maybe you want to have bigger one, but it’s not needed.

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the brand worth considering is just one, and it’s Wacom.

for starters I always suggest to buy the low end models, which are not that low-end, the bamboo family is great for any use.

SInce other people already explain it, it may be too late, but anyway.

So for normal tablet like Bamboo, you have a pen and you control your cursor with it. You have to mentually map the tablet to your screen cause it operate a little bit different when you a using the pen. The whole tablet region map to the whole screen. You need some time to get use to that.
When you hover your pen above the tablet, the cursor will snap to that location and follow your pen movement. And when you touch the pen to the tablet, it will register as a click. If you drag your pen while touching the tablet, it will be like a left-click drag with mouse.

There is usually 2 buttons on the pen to act as right and middle click. And even the cheaper one like Bamboo is pressure sensitive so you can control your strength and blender brush should act according, as long as you set the brush size or strength to be pressure sensitive.

The other end of the pen can register as another tool. So, for example, you can use the other side of the pen in gimp to act as a eraser whenever you turn your pen around.

Also the tip of the pen need to be replace from time to time cause it will depreciate as you use it.

Sorry if that is not what you are looking for.