Newbie Test Render Workflow

I’m looking for a work flow shortcut or best practices for this process:
I want to adjust my lighting slightly then render the results. If I like something I did previously I want to step back to those previous scene setups.

Is there a way to toggle between multiple test render stills and scene setups, or do I gave to save each render and scene setup with an organized naming convention, compare them visually then finally pick the best render and matching scene file?

as for settings, there’s no easy way, unless you create multiple scenes, with links to the geometry and unique lighting per scene.
as for alternating renders, after a render, hit ‘j’ (I always render to a separate window). This gives a second render buffer, and the next time you render, hit j again to toggle to the old one. Only two render buffers exist.

edit: the render buffers are scene based, after actually trying what I’m recommending to you.
So what you could do is create your light rigs per scene, then use one scene as the “save old settings”, and the first scene as the main render and working scene.

I’m sure there’s a better or easier way. Alternatively, name your lights properly, then simply switch them on/off (have duplicates) for the different settings. (use outliner and click the render toggle button to the right)

Thanks very much that’s what I was trying to remember. I recollect Lightwave or Cinema 4D having this feature too. Great Pinky/Brain signature by they way. I wish I’d thought of that. : ) Your avatar makes me think that’s what Buckminster Fuller would do. Is that what you’re going for? If so then it’s just more brilliant cleverness.

buckminster fuller??? hmm… nope.
It’s a side profile image outline converted to vector, imported to blender, scaled down twice for the sides, then a front portrait image vectored and warped a little in 3d, then rendered. I did it a couple years ago… don’t remember exactly what I did for that.