Newbie: Tetris

Well, this is my second serious render :slight_smile: .

cc? %|

Ha, That is really cool. I like the look of it. It looks like the falling piece is a little too blurry though. Other then that great render, and great concept.

Yeah… Im experimenting with the blurry…

Need ideas what to do with the blue background too…

If that is how it was by default, just go to the ‘world’ settings. Those are under the Shading settings (F5). It’s the little button on the furthest right that looks like a world. You can change the background settings here.

Know… But i need idéas of what to have instead of the blue background.
If i should have black background, picture, skymap etc.

Oh sorry. I know what you mean now. Lol. Well, the old tetris game just had a plain black background. The later ones started putting different ones in. Maybe something that looks like a sky would be alright.

With black background

With sky in the background

I don’t think the gridlines are working at all. They don’t show up well in a few spots, and they make it harder to distinguish between the pieces. I’ve never seen a Tetris game with gridlines like that.

It’s all right, but there’s really nothing to the scene except some blocks.

I’d give it a more “techno” virtual kind of background image. Also, I think you should join the cubes that make the individual pieces together so you won’t have space between the cubes.

I think it’d be cool if you modeled the front of some kind of controller, and turn this into a render of a hand-held tetris game. (Just a thought.)

Keep it up.:slight_smile:


I don’t think there’s any space between any of them.

I don’t think there’s any space between any of them.[/quote]


And i think that i will go with Dwarvenfyrus idea to model a sort of controller… I will keep you updated.