Newbie Texturing and UV Wrapping questions

Just as the title says, I barely know what I’m doing in Blender, but trying to get better :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided to try modeling the minecraft default player model and skin (complex, I know :stuck_out_tongue: ) just as something simple to learn a few new tools, but I’ve hit a few problems I really don’t understand. I watched the UV wrapping tutorial on the Blender site and I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of seaming, but the problem comes in with the actual texture. Since it’s minecraft, the texture is extremely low-res and it is trying to antialias it or something. The texture comes up much more blur than it should.

I know there’s the interpol button when you’re adding a texture to a material, but is there something similar to turn off when texturing through the UV wrapping stuff?

Also, I’ve noticed that when I create a second mesh, the texture for the first mesh still shows up in the UV/Image Editor. Do I need to bind the texture to the first mesh in some fashion or does it figure that out on its own?

Thanks in advance for the help