Newbie texturing question :(


I would like to assign more than one texture to the same object. Let’ say one side of a cube should be textured with a different texture than the other side. I read the official blender tutorial but I simply can’t handle it :frowning: If i understand correctly I have to assign more than one material to the object, than I can use more textures but when I apply the new texture the whole cube will be textured with the same texture. I miss a step and I cant figure out which one. Can you recommend me a step-by-step guide or can you explain me what am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help!

It took me a few while before I sussed it … here’s how it works

1 First select the all the verts of the object in your case the cube and then press assign to texture the whole thing.

2 Then just select the verts of one side of the cube and press F9 to bring up the editing display and look at the link and materials panel and press new and then assign in the panel it will then say material 2 out of 2 is currently active.

3 After that press F5 to bring up the shading menu and under material you will see MA: material 2 press the box with the 2 in it. You’ll get a question: single user? press the left mouse button after that MA: material 001 appears and the 2 has been replaced with a little cross. Job done!! :smiley: .

4 To test it alter the RGB and you’ll see the difference in solid mode.

Hope it helps


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Mega Thanks!!! It’s working now. You are a genious! Saved my life! :wink: