Newbie, thought not to 3d modeling just blender

I’m a low polygon artsit, however I find some stuff difficult to do with blender, mainly adding new vertices I know ctrl+mb1
however creating edges between the selected and newly added is kinda iritating, also I wonder how do I select a face?
and the most important thing, how do I move in just one axis?

Blender automatically adds an edge if you select a vertex and add a new one with ctrl-MMB. If you want to add faces to your newly created outline of vertices, just select them and do a Shift-F, Alt-F (maybe Alt-F more than once, till nothing more happens)
You have to select all three(four) vertices of a face to select the face.
Constraint movment to one axis: move your object in the designate direction and press MMB.

Selecting faces:

In object mode [F], you get into the face select mode.
Now select a face.
[Tab] you get in edit mode where you can manipulate the face.

For adding vertices you can extrude [E] from excisting verts or subdivide [W] one or more edges or faces (depends on what you’s selected).
Extruding automatically makes edges for a single vertex or faces for more than one extruded vertices.

Extrusion along normal with [Alt]+[S] after you extruded [E] and moved the new verts a bit and snapping back to the starting position (meaning not confirming the movement with LMB but reset it with RMB)

I’m sorry I didn’t really state my questions clearly…
I’m wondering:

Is there a way to add a vertex without it creating an edge between the selected and newly added vertex?

How do I move vertice, faces or object in on axis only?

I accidently got some small quad inside the real quad, what are those for, and what are they good for?

Can I split a vertex into several,ie. one for each polygon using the vertex?
Is there someway to set the merge diameter so if I have several vertice selected I can choose to only merge those in a distance of X units… so if I have 2 rows of vertice I don’t want them to merge to one but to weld together the row…

yes, just make sure you have no vertice already selected (Akey to select/deselect all)

when you’re in grab mode (Gkey), move the mouse in the direction you want to constraint to and press the middle mouse button.

If the small quad is colored purple or yellow, then it’s a marker to show you which face is selected or not.
You could have turned that on two ways.
1: By pressing the Draw Faces button at the right of the Edit Buttons window (F9)
2: By entering Edit mode (Tab) when you are in Face Selection mode (Fkey outside of Edit Mode)

You can split parts of the polygon from the rest by selecting the part you want to split and pressing the Ykey.

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do here…
Do you want to merge each of the rows separatly as one?
In that case, select the rows separatly and merge them (Alt-M) separatly.

hope that helps,

Well, if I got loads of vertices I want to get merged…
It would be very practical to as one can do in 3Dsmax and set a max distance, by doing thatg I can have several points I merge at the same time but doesn’t merge to just one vertex… It would speed thing up drastcly then selecting 2 vertice and merge and then select next 2 and so on…

with the Merge function (Alt-M), you can merge more than 2 vertice at once.


yeah, but that makes all vertices merge to one… I would like them to merge with only the nearest neighboring vertices.

as it is now I get this:

----*----*----*----     \    /
----*----*----*---- =>  *

While I would like:

ie the 2 rows of vertice merge together to one in a press of a button

there’s no built-in function to do it AFAIK, but it should be pretty easy to do with a simple script.


If the verts are all opposite one another increase your ‘Rem Doubles’ limit to 0.050 and select the two loops. S-MMB them together and remove doubles.


Also I would like to add a vertex along an edge, can I do that… just press the edge and insert an additional vertex and blender add the required faces for it to work…

I will need to script some function, so I wonder is there any good tutorials on it?

What I currently would like is an export tool for my game and the merge script if blender doesn’t allready have the function…

Also I would like to add a vertex along an edge, can I do that…

Select the two verts that define the edge, W, and select subdivide, subdivide fractal or subdivide smooth.

Also go to the ‘Elysiun Chat’ board and see ‘Subsurf Head Modelling’ by I am innocent.
Also go to the top of this page to the thread ‘Tutorials’.
Also go to the Python and Plugins’ board and see the ‘Scripts list’ and browse/search the hundreds of threads there.
Also go to and download the PDF documentation available in the documentation section.


If the verts line up, you can select the 2 rows, press [s], [mmb] to constrain the scaling to the direction between the rows and scale it to 0, then use [w]->Remove Doubles

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