newbie tire (now actually a bit of car aswell)

I’m working on a buggy, or something, but I’ve only gotten so far as the wheel yet. Been struggling on it for quite some time now.

At the moment I hate the texturing, but I suck at that.

Anyone know where I can find some nice pictures of the different parts of the car. Like drive shafts, engine and so on. I haven’t got a clue how car’s look inside.

Well, be cruel :-?

Are you kidding? That tire is awesome! Maybe a bit too big grooves, if that’s the word, but it looks really cool, would love too see your buggy!

Great job! Only two things: the spec on the tire is WAY too high. Rubber has a very low specular level. Also, add a simple bump map to the tire to give it a textured feel. Maybe a cloud texture would work.


:smiley: looks good, nebI! jk, actually you could make it look a lot better if u use OA? just a suggestion, also maybe add more treed…

This is going to sound stupid but I haven’t kept track of everything thats happened recently. But what is OA?

I think AO is been meant: Ambient Occolution. It is a option in the world buttons you can set on and use as a, well, a light bounce system, or whatever you can call it. If you use it you don’t really need a lamp but I can advise you to use one to get better effects. Try it!

p.s. the Ray button in the render buttons needs to be on…

This is an example of what it should look like (in this scene I haven’t used a lamp or materials or anything but I used a ground plain to get this illumination effect)

Good luck (post a pic if it worked out :D)

Kay, here’s what I got. It kinda messed up the chrome (which wasn’t good to begin with, really need some help there), but the rubber part look great! (Thanx there guys and…gals?). I really need to get cracking on the rest but any help on the chrome when rendering like this would be extremely helpful, more C&C!

Don’t use AO it spoils perfectly good Images!!

Ehm, Ok then. I’ll se what turns out best. Trying to get yafray to work aswell. Thats freckin hard.

Started doing som of the mechanics, suspension and stuff. Man I’m glad I watch so much discovery channes :smiley:

Looking good. The tire is fine. Did you try Enviornment Maps for the chrome? I have no comments on the suspension (as there seems to be nothing wrong so far).


Is there any way to mirror what I’ve done without entering edit mode? It’s really annoying to have to enter every little thing to mirror the things!

More work on the chassi

The chassi getting some work. Starting work on the engine now

Going slow…much to do on the side…started doing the engine though

patma, i noticed you use Bulletdodgas uploading feature.

you know that he has a gallery on his site that does the same thing but with pictures.

there are three galleries running the same software so far.
click on the tabs at the top to get to them.

i also looekd at the wheel and though, wow not bad.

however the engine block seems a bit blocky to me (square corners) it is pretty damn impressive for a new guy.


Do you suggest I use those instead…not sure what you mean

Updated the engine though…hadn’t flipped subsurf on yet

This is really, really good stuff. Now, go ahead and start putting together the entire car-rig and figure where your camera angle(s) are going to be. You don’t want to actually build details that no one will ever see.

Yeah…but the plan is too keep the engine in wiew. Kinda cool with it popping out. So I’m adding a few more details