Newbie to Blender with mesh shading issues [solved].

Hi there - I’m new to Blender and this forum, though not 3d modelling. Hopefully I have posted this in the correct sub-forum, and I tried using the forum search, but couldn’t find the answer I was looking for - maybe I used the wrong strings?

Anyway, some background - I used to make cars for Midtown Madness 2, and then Racer, I used Zanoza modeller and 3DSMax. Then I met my now wife and let things slide for a while, but I’ve recently switched to Ubuntu and with it started to use Blender.

I digress, back to the issue - I imported one of my old meshes into Blender 2.45, and have been trying to sort out the smoothing etc.

I’ve attached a picture of my issue below.

My mesh looks okay in solid view, and renders fine, but if I switch to shaded view, or try to follow the radiosity mesh baking tutorial I found on this site ( using radio tools, collect meshes, etc ) things become a nightmare.

The front wings of the car, and although that shot doesn’t show it well also the Oscars and the doors all come out very messed up. All the parts I am having problems with were duplicated with Alt-D and mirrored on the x-axis.

I’ve tried recalculating the normals, and they are pointing where they should be, but it still won’t render in the shaded view, or radiosity mesh. the faces are set to single sided.

I assume that somewhere in my duplicating and mirroring I have caused this. I’m not sure how to rectify, and advice would be appreciated.


Hi. Welcome onboard. Just a question: when you say “mirrored on the x-axis” I assume you mean that you used the mirror modifier, right? Because I don’t quite follow the ALT-D bit…

Usually when I build a car (and I’m doing that now), I build half and use the mirror modifier to “build the other side” automatically. If you want to know more, check out Blenderart mag no. 8. There’s a tut on building (somewhat hi-poly) cars and the mirror modifier is explained. Check out G. Narwani’s article.

Hope this helps.

I used Alt-D to create a linked duplicate of the part, then the mirror modifier Ctrl-M,1 to mirror the duplicate on the x-axis.

So now if I tweak the original part the duplicate changes too.

Is there a one step way to do this I am missing? I have already downloaded the Blenderart issue 8, but it seems to be written for people who know what they are doing and skips over the ‘details’ quite a lot. As I’m new to Blender and the control system I may well have messed up!

Yeah, come to think of it. I think I used to do it that way too… Funny how you forget quickly. I guess that’s not your problem.

Edit: The way I do it now is to define the center of the object, then add the mirror modifier to the stack for the object (F9 + modifier tab), and finally define the axis. Hope that makes sense…

Also if you still have trouble, check to make sure your materials are all aplied in the same fashion, eg. the peramitors for the map input and map to, values should all be consistent.
Good luck, nice model work BTW.

here is my very first car

can you post the .blend, i’m a newbie to cg in general but i might be able to help you out if you post the .blend. i’ve been using blender for about 6 months on and off (mostly off) and i know it fairly well now, at least some things i know.

Thanks for the advice all - I need to play about a bit more I think.

BionicGordon I need to clean up the .blend a bit before posting - because it is an old mesh I’ve imported I’ve got various layers and things that’ll just confuse the matter. My workflow makes sense to me, but not many others. Oh, and I don’t have anywhere to host it!

I might even just start over. It was modeled face by face in triangles, and blender seems to like quads a lot better. It was initially a low poly mesh for games, and poly structure used was to maintain the live mapped in game reflections smoothly. However it isn’t totally efficient or easy to update…

Unless I’m mistaken Blender doesn’t do smoothing groups, so I’ve been setting the whole part as smooth and then selecting faces and using Y to split them out to achieve the sharp lines ( as per a forum post by ondrew ). This may also have led to issues? Though I did try removing all duplicate faces and verts to make sure that wasn’t causing it.

JohnV1960 - I tried the mirror in the modifier stack, rather than what I had done with mirrored duplicates - problem solved.

I don’t know why, but it has and so I will stick to that way of doing it now from now on.

Ta muchly!