Newbie to blender

Hey Guys!

I just downloaded Blender the other day and started working on some of the tutorials, it’s a great program! I love it! But the only thing that i’m having trouble with is that when i’m finished with my models where can i view them? I know that you can render(F12) them in Blender itself but what i’d really like to do is view my fully rendered models in 3D space. Is there any program for doing this, like Half Life Model View? Also, are there any good tutorials on Texturing an lighting?

Thanks A bunch,

Eric Holmes

What you are asking to do is impossible,
coz’ the image is being saved in .jpg (or any other similar format),
It is just a 2D picture dude, you cant view in 3D space :slight_smile:

Or… you can animate the camera :slight_smile:
Tutorials, try this list:

What i was asking is, is there a viewer that views the model as a rendered model like in games and such, clearly those are not 2D jpg’s. But thanks for the link, looks like some great tutorials. I would animate it but i don’t know how to yet :slight_smile: The tutorials i’ve seen so far for it don’t explain it very well.


Eric Holmes

What you are asking for it possible inside Blender and its game engine, you have to switch to Textured mode

but you will be deceived

preparing stuff for the game engine is completely different than preparing it for a rendering, you need to vertex paint, uvmap everything etc. etc.


Or you can export to VRML, but I think texturing is different again…

Do a search here on the forum for ‘walkthrough’, there is a nice demo on the blender website that shows the possibilities.