Newbie to newbie tut on rigging.


Being a newbie in blender and mainly in rigging, it’s kind of arrogant to do a tutorial, but I really could not find how to do a “close finger controlled by another bone”, so I learned a bit about rigging and skinning by myself and put together this small Wink tutorial. I don’t know how to really name it and would like to hear your comments on it. Hope it’s not too wrong…

It’s about 2 Megs big, due to “low knowledge on Wink”…

Here it is:

Well done. That’s pretty much how to make an Action Constraint. Most users should be able to work out from this that they can use this method to simplify lots of movements that might be used often throughout an animation.

You’ve got a fair few spelling mistakes but nothing that should mess with anyone’s brain too much.

If you plan to make more tutes like this, you may need to work out a way to reduce the image size as some people will probably have trouble getting it all on their screen and might miss some important things happening off-screen. Plus, a smaller image (keep it readable though) will presumably deliver a smaller file size.

I love this keep it up! Vrry vrry helpful.

Thanks for the comments.

AndyD: I noticed about the size just after finishing it, so… next time I’ll think about it! Thnx

Magic: thanks, I think I’ll do this type of thingies again. It’s a way to go against my goldfish-memory*, also…I use blender on- and off, so I have to re-learn often.

*(Goldfish can remember only the last 30 seconds of their lives, I feel quite related.)

nice tut u made here :slight_smile:

gonna start it now and i think it might help me rig my charcter in the WIP!:rolleyes: