Newbie - trying to learn Blender

(eager to learn) #1

Hi, I have no experience creating animations or coding. I’m just a regular computer user. I have taught myself GIMP skills and how to use Audacity. I have a short (about a minute) animation which I’m trying to ascertain how I could create something like that using Blender.

I’ve tried to upload as an attachment a copy of that .avi file but I just get an error message.

Thank you for your kind help and understanding.

(Richard Marklew) #2

I’ve tried to upload as an attachment a copy of that .avi file but I just get an error message.
You cannot attach movie files. Attacg as a zip file or host on somewhere like youtube and link to it

(eager to learn) #3

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your help.

I tried to load this .avi file up to imgur but it would not load.

I then Googled “how to compress an .avi file” and found a Wiki result which instructed you how to compress using Windows Movie Maker 2.6.2

I have Windows 7 Pro My Movie – Movie Maker. Nowhere does it designate which version, it came preloaded with W7.

There does not seem to be a way to save the .avi file so it’s compressed in this My Movie – Movie Maker.

Is there another way/free, downloadable program which will compress this .avi video so I can then upload it to this forum?

I have a dot in the circle next to allow others on this list to email me but I have not received any emails notices about anyone posting replies to my posts.

Is there a certain area I need to visit to ensure I get email notices for replies to my posts?

Thank you so much.

(eager to learn) #4


I uploaded the .avi file here -

Can you see it OK?

I’m interested in learning how to use Blender to create an animation like that.

Thank you!

(sundialsvc4) #5

What if I were to upload a picture of Michelangelo’s David, and said, “I want to learn how to use a chisel to make a sculpture like that?” (After all, a chisel is exactly what he did use.)

I think you see my point. The best thing to do is to start small, and watch plenty of videos. Participate in weekend challenges. Pick a single, small, personal target that you think that you can reach (with only a slight “stretch” of your present abilities), and reach for it. Try to practice your skils every day, and in time you will very-steadily improve (even without realizing it). Try not to become discouraged and quit: this work is not as easy as it looks, but it is certainly manageable.

Welcome! :yes: