newbie wanting a quick coloured model

nothing too special or elaborate at the moment, just a few standard colours and textures pasted on, I hear there’s places around where I can download various different materials to use for this, any advice on where to go?
more importantly, though, how actually do I do this. I want to colour different parts of the model in different colours, at the moment the program only does the whole thing in one. A friend told me of a way of wrapping an existing picture around it, but that would involve drawing out the whole thing perfectly and getting it to line up, so is there some way I can colour separate faces in the model separately? even some way of breaking it all down into hundreds of individual parts that can be done one by one.
and I take it I couldn’t actually draw lines of one material across a face otherwise done in another, colour parts of the model in freehand or anything?
thanks in advance for all your help here

For multiple materials ona single object

anyone know how I can create or download some material colours and patterns for this too? particularly I am having trouble making a realistic looking glass.
I tried the links in the stickied thread, but of those that still work they seem to consist only of pictures of windows rather than actual plain glass as I would need to fill in that section of my model.

also, the link doesn’t work, it directs me to some chat site and says it’s down for maintenance anyway

The blender cookie site is just down temporarily - the tutorial referred to is also available here: If you want more than just a base color (i.e.“patterns”) you have to either use an image texture, or procedural textures. The site has tons of free tutorials that explain texturing and materials in great detail. Most of those tutorials are also available on vimeo.

Short answer: in edit mode you can select individual faces and assign different materials to each face.

The easiest way to make a realistic looking glass is just to create the outline of it in edit mode, and then use the spin tool. ^.^ afterwards adding the glass material in cycles.

the trouble is I don’t have the glass material to add, every time I try it just doesn’t look quite right.