Newbie- what is the magic used in this video (showing a cage + smoothed surface in edit mode)

YouTube’s algorithm gave me the following video of creating a VTube avatar (note- may be NSFW), and I was amazed; then noted the creator has something set up so that he can sketch out a rough cage (in edit mode?) and Blender is creating a smooth surface.

You can see it pretty clearly at 3:52, as he creates the head:

Later on he uses it to great effects creating hair, and ribbons.

Unfortunately I can’t catch the modifiers(?) or any other clues to figure out how it’s setup… and I lack the vocabulary to describe the process better to google.

Can anyone suggest what the setup is (mode/addon/modifiers?) that he’s using?

Thanks in advance!

Subdivision surface modifier.

Very popular for both organic and and hard surface modeling.

Putting edges at equal distancing from each other will make a smooth flow while moving edges closer together will harden the surface.

Thanks @GrimZA !

That works a treat!

Do you know if it’s possible to have a similar display with the multi-resolution modifier?
i.e. show both the base geometry + the multires smoothed surface?

I’ve also noticed that when rotating/panning, multi-res objects display the base geometry, whereas subsurf keeps showing the smoothed object. Do you know if it’s possible to also show the higher-res version of a multires modifier when rotating/panning?

Not that i know of, it doesn’t function entirely the same way so it might be a limitation.

Yes, in the “N” toolbar, go to Tool > Options and disable fast navigate.

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Thank you @GrimZA !