Newbie: Why do my car's wheels rotate erratically ?


I have modelled a car with wheels. I am animating it Ok, except the wheel rotation.

I rotate the wheels along their local axis (I press R, Z and Z again). Then spin around
with the mouse 4-5 times. Then insert a keyframe. But when I press Play, a crazy
mult-axis rotation happens. It is certainly not the one I am typing in or doing with the mouse.

I have tried local or global axis, with wheel->child of-> car, or wheel->Alt+P-> child of nobody,
etc etc. It always rotates erratically.

I thought it was because of local axis messing up with being the child of the car, but it does not
seem to be that. Help. What now ?


this vid may help but its only 1 way to do it :wink:

does depend on what your doing it for

Hey thanks!

Wow I have spent four straight hours on this, and finally found it.

I dont know why, but my save file had assigned some crazy Euler axis angles initially to the wheel,
before any transformation applied. It was kind of messed up to begin with.
After just touching the wheel a bit, and saving the file, the values went back in order and everything works
Ok now.