newbie: why we want to mark seams for your mesh.. need help..

i cant able to understand how to mark seam and then uv unwrapping…

  1. why we want to mark seams for your mesh
  2. there is any calculation for mark seams?

Marking seems calculates how it’s going to be unwrapped.
If you took clothes as an example, it’s kinda of like working backwords,
they would have everything flat, and sew it together with seams,
And UV Unwrapping is making a 3d object flat for texturing.
Nice demoreel btw, I was pretty surprised by it.

There’s no calculation for seam marking because models are so different, no one algorithm would suit them all.

Seams are made so the mesh can be unwrapped into flat pieces so flat textures can be applied to them with less distortion. This means that you choose your seams based on how the model’s being textured and what the topology of the mesh is in any particular area, among other considerations. The goal is to “cut the mesh up” along the seams during unwrapping, into as few pieces as possible while at the same time minimizing the amount of distortion that is caused by flattening out the resulting “pieces.” The mesh isn’t actually cut up, just the UVs, which determine how any flat texture is mapped to the not-flat mesh.

Learning how to choose seams efficiently takes experience and some ability to visualize how the texture will look when applied to the mesh, so the best way to begin is to start practicing, and expect to re-do some seam choices now & then.