newbie with a few questions

Hi - I am just getting into 3D art, coming from a mechanical drafting/design background, and have much to learn. In order to learn the ropes, I have decided to make a model of a sugarloaf great helm. The basic shape is a half bowl atop a tube, with some holes in the front, and some strips and half-sphere rivets to try and add a bit of detail.

so here are the questions:

I used boolean operations to create the bowl and tube, as well as the holes in the helm. This seemed to work fairly well for the bowl and tube, but when I made the holes in the same way, I noticed that the wireframe quickly became a mess, though the solid model looked OK.

Are there any tips for keeping the wireframe clean, or should I not worry if the solid model looks and renders fine?

The helm seems to be a bit faceted when it comes time for rendering. Other than starting with more facets in the cylinder and sphere, are there any tricks to getting a smoother look? Also, are there any quick rules of thumb for the number of facets to have in a curved surface?

Thanks in advance

To remove the faceted look select your object, go to the “Edit Tab”, and hit the “Set Smooth” button.:smiley: As far as the messiness of the mesh, as long as it doesn’t cause you any modeling problems, I don’t see much point in fixing it. I believe Blender’s Booleans are something that are supposed to be improved in the next release.:smiley:


p.s. Welcome to Elysiun!:smiley:

so - if it isn’t broke don’t fix it… I like it. It would be nice if the booleans are cleaned up a bit, they seem a bit messy.

Thanks for the quick answer and welcome