newbie with a question

Hi guys, I just started playing around with Blender, I’ve been following this tutorial I found:
I have a torso figure going and I’m trying to move some individual vertices to smooth it out. Problem is, sometimes when I go to move one it seems to duplicate it, creating a new one with edges connected to what the original vertex was connected to, and leaving the original vertex in its place. Any ideas why it’s doing this? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You must be ripping vertices instead of moving them.You must have been pressing “V” I’d say… Move is “Grab”, so the G Key, very close on a QWERTY keyboard.

I agree with Gwenouille. It makes a big difference when you rip your vertices rather than
moving them. Having them ripped just makes it easier and it is the kind of result you are
looking for.

I’m sure this is already mentioned in tutorials. I learned it in them myself. You should scan
and read more often.

or try to remove doubles perhaps.

I’ll tell you later about it …:slight_smile:

I agree with you…