Newbie with micropolygons

Sorry for my English, it is not my native language and thanks to everyone who makes this community the best

I have got into a better understanding of micropolygons and so far I think I have done everything well, I just don’t know if this is normal that it looks like voxels, there is a way to increase or reduce the amount to make it look more natural??

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

It would be better to give more info about your setup. One problem could be lossy compression on textures or just 8bit per channel… or whatever…

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I think the problem lies with the way you sample the texture. Are there any interpolation options? It looks like the resolution of your mesh (with subdivision) is higher than that of your texture, such that the pixels become visible. Can you show your node / displacement setup?

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Thanks for answering, I tried to give more images, but having a new account has not allowed me



So the interpolation settings seem to be right, but could it be that the textures you are using are high-resolution but pixelated themselves? As @Okidoki said, this could be a compression thing: if you upscale a low-resolution image, you may get such staircases.

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Now I see it, I would basically need native hi-res textures, thank you very much :smiley:

you can also try to use the texturws in their original resolution, blender will then interpolate.