Newbie Work using this to learn more about....

Newbie Work using this to learn more about modeling a set object. In this case its the Character Shrek From Shrek done by Dreamworks. Remember I am a complete Newbie. :slight_smile: Added pictures of it in wire-frame mode.

While I’m not sure I can help, I will say that along with the render, it would help if we could see your mesh.

Any tips people can give you really need to be based on the geometry of your model as well as how the render looks!

Post a wireframe plz.

I updated my first post by adding some wireframe images. So at my first post you should now see some wire-frame images as well as the render.

Head modeling is actually a more advanced subject. I’m not trying to discourage you but there are other things that will help you learn to use the tools faster than modeling a head.

That said. There are some very good video tutorials out there on modeling a head. Look at them carefully and see how they do the loops.

I would suggest you check out the video on this page.

DeathGuppie Thanks. I am doing a head because I have already made drinking glasses that look like actual glass glasses. I have done other tutorials and found them simple. Partly because they explain them well. I tend to pick up on these things quickly. I am a programmer normally and am doing this so I can create some creatures for a game I am working on. That and its fun. I have always enjoyed art and this is art. Thanks again I am checking that tutorial out now.

DeathGuppie. I liked that tutorial. Now could you open that mouth and animate it talking? Asking because I want to do that with my Shrek guy. I may need to redo him. Also has he done any more on that one? He said that was part one.
Never mind I did a quick one and was able to move the mouth open wide and things.

Thanks for the help here is what I am working on now because of the tutorial deathGuppie sent me to. This is not from that tutorial but another one the same person did. My work learned by watching the guys tutorial.

What I was doing before I didn’t know much at all. I removed the images but to recap before when I started I just took a sphere somewhat shaped it added way to many polly’s used the sculpting took to add clay and grab and shape. It took way to long and was not good at all. Thanks to [B]deathguppie[/B] I used that tutorial he gave the link to. The tutorial is by David Ward. I found more by him and learned more. Here is what I did fairly quickly. It still needs work but Still from that so much better. Note Shrek is owned by Dreamworks. I did not texture him. The green is just to give an idea.