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almost penis like it is haha :o


this image was in the first link you provided

i took this picture made a spline arounf half of it and did a spin :smiley:

In your first image, there is a problem with the head where the spin probably connected, it’s not as sharp as the rest of the seam. Might need to add a crease there. You should also add creases of “+1” to the bottom edse of all the fins so that it’s not as rouneded, as the image of the missle shows them very sharp, not unibody. Actually, should probably have made the fins seperate objects, would be easier to UV map later.

DanBoghean - Great! Welcome :smiley:

Hazza - In answer to your questions

Hippl5 …Khnum is right but it really depends on what you want. Its obvious what they do, one adds to the pic the other subtracts making it darker. Experiment with them its fun :smiley:

  1. I would say dont use sub-d, because it does lead to too many edge loops and it makes you depend to highly on sub-d. Which wont help you in low poly art and can take away from the look.

  2. Yes the front cone is a seperat piece but very close to the other piece so that the gap isnt to large.

  3. As Kothe said avoid the triangles and I would say start with a clyender. You need to look at the missile and decide what to start it from. A UV sphere would work for the cap, but for the rest I would say use a cylender. It is just the simplest way to do it, you extrude and scale and extrude some more. YOu can do the cap with the cylender too, make the basic round shape them use ctrl-r and scaling to round it off more. It just takes time, remember nothing in 3d will look perfect right away it all takes work.
    Kothe is righto.

4.yeah here ya go.




You are right about that pic but I think that is the interior without the exterior shell, look at the pics of it on the apache and stuff. One thing that I noticed about your penis missile is that you have sub-d syndrome. Everything does not have to be one mesh, in fact your m0del being all one mesh would be a nightmare to unwrap. Heres what I want ya to do, save this m0del for when we unwrap and you will see what I mean. But I think you should restart the model without sub-d. You have the skill of seeing the pic and putting in the detail. Which is very important, you just need to get the m0deling down.Which I know wont take long if you take the advice coming your way :wink: Make the fins a seperate mesh along with the boxes up top, try that out and I bet you will be very happy with the results. You can see in mine there are 4 fins all seperate meshes and 4 front fins all sep. The head is seperate then the main body. So UV mapping is simpler, even though there are more things to unwrap it will have alot less distortion.

Good Luck

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I don’t have a temp folder… so it didn’t save… it only saves animations in my temp folder. Anyway, I never use reference when I model… my computer is not very good, so it crashes when I tried using reference.

Hey, sorry I’m late. Don’t want to be part of the reason you do this, and then go and flake out on you. I like the way this looks like it is going. Good to see the profiles of the missile; I was wanting to see it from the sides, I scrolled down, and boom, there they were. I’d like to see side profiles of any future objects, too. Ok, I’m off to blend, although it might take me a bit. I’ve been messing with Wings lately, and I’ll have to reaquaint myself with being able to press ‘E’ to extrude. On the flipside, though, this might also give me a chance to get a feel for both modelers and see which one I like useing for what.

Bah… just stick with blender! You know you want to!! :wink:

ok heres mine

i made it by starting with the default box subdividing it twice then using tosphere i then cut it in half and extruded back for the rest of the body.
the fins i first added a cube and reshaped into one fin the used spindup to make the other 3.


please suggest a better way to close off this end and not have all the triangles


There’s no better way that I know of to close a circle, but, you should remove that inner ring as there is no need, unless of course your planning to model the exhaust part of the missle. Unless it’s a dumb bomb.

hippl5 - You dont need to have a reference in blender, for this I didnt have one. Its just a little more dificult without it being in blender, and it takes a bit more time to tweak everyhting to the right shape. What are you gonna do? remake it? I still think there should be the quit blend in there. Try the recover last session button in blender.

the_uppinator - no problemo man :slight_smile: I would stay with blender till you get a firm grasp on m0deling. Sure thing I will put all the angles in from my future models if it helps you guys out.

Hazza - I personally think you started out extrememly wierdly…you went to too much work to make something that is already created. For the body I would say use the cylender and for the head you could use the cylender or UV sphere its up to you. But it looks like you still did a very good job! The way you did the fins was very smart too, I just duplicated them and then rotated them to where they needed to be.

For the back tho I would say that edgeloop in the middle should be scaled up a littel and then extrude it in towards the front.

When youare using smooth anything with a 90 degree angle take off the smooth on the flat part. I will show an example later tonite, I have to run now so I will show you that later tonite.

Also hazza I will double check the m0del again when im on later but it looks very good so far.

Keep it up guys cant wait to see more. Thankyou to everyone who is participating with this…I really appreciate it :smiley:

Oh yeah guys please include wires with it will be very helpfull

This could be fun, and teach us newbies a lot.

Here’s my effort:



Above on the left is a box that has been subdivided then tosphere has been used on it , on the right is a normal uvesphere. if you look to the top of the uvsphere theres a bunch of triangles but on the left hand sphere there are no triangles, only quads .That is why i used that method but after all that when i get to the other end of the mesh and close the end off i have triangles there.

Is there a time limit to this thread? I will be working on a model and posting it soon. Could someone help me host the images? I put them on yahoo normally, but I keep maxing out my bandwidth. Thanks, and I hope to impress soon.



Wow alot happens in 2 hours :smiley:

JABayne - First of I really like your sig…but that has nothign to do with your question. There is no time limit, I am hoping to keep this thread going as long as elysiun and the newbies of elysiun permit us :slight_smile:

I would recomend to everyone to use a photobucket acount its an album and its much better than imageshack for one reason. It saves all your pics, and that will be great for you later on. I can look back and see how much I advanced in so little a time thanks to photobucket. But thats just my personal preference.

Hazza - I see what you mean about the sphere, but you dont have to stress so much about tris, they really arent that bad, if you used the UV sphere you wouldnt be using sub-d with it so you wouldnt have to wory about any wierd mesh messups. But you are right the cube way you do it keeps it in quads, so if you prefer that, its fine, but like in max thanks to ngons there arent any tris to make it look messy.

Now on to your rear problems for the tris, once again you are stressing over them. You dont have to wory about them on a flat surface, as long as they are all flat you are going to be fine. What you need to do is since its a 90 degree angle the flat part needs to be unsmooth here is an example. This is the back of my missile, nothing fancy tho just for you :wink:

One thing I see is that your “boxes” up top seem to be a little off, the front one I think was smaller than the one in the rear. The rear one just needs to be raised up a wee bit. But once again thats not m0delling fault thats just checking the m0del.

Here it is with the flat part smoothed along with the rest of the body, see how the smooth trys to make that flat part look round, you dont want that.


Here it is with the flat part set to solid, since its totally flat it looks good with the solid on it. And makes it look crisp, I think that is once thing that makes some newbies models look wierd. Its because they smooth everything, but all that needs to be smoothed is the round parts, flat parts SHOULD NOT BE SMOOTHED! hehe


gozemem - Very good job my good man! Just a few things I would like to point out.

  1. the fins have alot of useless edges and faces because you are trying to get it to have the sharp look that you can achieve with less edges by leaving the sub -d off.

  2. The sub-d is really all that I noticed, a couple of things in the front seem wierd. The nose seems a little sharp to me, and I am not sure that the fins have all those segments. I may be wrong tho.

What I am glad to see is you were at least looking at detail, and took your time on this. So pretty much its just minor things on your m0del, that need changing. And if you want to give it a shot I would recommend trying to make it without the sub-d on. Even tho it looks good with it on…

Here’s my try. About 5-10 minutes of work.


my new attempt

edit: added wireframe rendered larger image


gozemem i like the rear fin design

gozemem i like the rear fin design

The problem with this statement is we arent designing the fins, we are making them as we see that they are on the m0del :stuck_out_tongue:

crow - crow that m0del looks much cleaner, but I cant tell if you took the sub-d off the top and bottom fins. Also you didnt really change the shape, I still thnk that you have to make it like the pics at the bottom since the other one is not with the shell on it. When you are done with this “version” make it pretty please without the sub-d on and try to make it like the other pictures are. Your fins and stuff look good from what I can see and you seem to be getting the detail even tho its from the wrong pic…lol But great job on making it cleaner its comign along. Oh yeah please post bigger pics cuz its hard to see the little ones.

*EDIT- ok crow you updated to bigger pics :stuck_out_tongue: looks good, the fins are a seperate mesh which is good. This looks much better I am glad you seperated the meshes, very good on that. The thing that bothers me about them is that they are too thick. So as i said before Make it like it is, look at the pic of the real things and make your fins that thickness. Dont worry tho this will come in time.

DanBoghean - Very very nice man, doesnt look likeyou used sub-d which brings many smiles to my face :slight_smile: The only thing on your m0del is just design the fins, dont have that large of a bevel on them. It is VITAL that you make it just like it is, or else it will look strange.

So the little boxes I think need to be bigger and like I said before the fins need to be unbeveled. And the back fins, the rear should be extruded once more and scale down a bit…look at the pic again.

Great job guys

And experienced users feel free to help out here :slight_smile:

Here is my quick try. Couldn’t figure out how to do a wire. And thanks for liking my sig :slight_smile: www.drdino.com for more of it.



Are you not using AutoSmooth?