Newbie: Yafray not working - OS X

I installed the OSX package for Yafray. However whenever I try to render using Yafray, Blender hangs completely. Just a black screen. Any ideas?

does your cursor turn to a frame count? if it does its rendering, but it isnt scanline so it will not show you the pick until its done, if your impatient and you need to see progress look at the console.

some things to check:

  • latest official blender (or cvs)
  • latest yafray, 0.0.7
  • in render panel, “xml” under yafray options turned off.

try first the most simple scene with the lowest quality settings to check if yafray renders or not. if yes go on to the real renderings you need.

if it’s not working, check te console, as fonix said, this might direct you to the source of the problem.

i’m running osx, too, and yafray worked out of the box once installed.


I had the same problem.

You need to set the YFexport to a folder. Here’s how:

Place mouse on the bar between the 3D window and the title bar. When the pointer turned into a hand (like when you’re ready to split the screen) click and hole the LMB and pull down to expose more menu options. Find the one that says “File Paths,” choose that one. Now within the new buttons, find YFexport, and click the folder. Now set your path to the folder you’re rendering to. You’ll have to do this with each new project.


this applies only to rendering via xml, which has certain limitations (no rendering progress in the render window). using yafray as a plugin directly shouldn’t involve any additional settings, neither in the user preferences nor in the system.