(mikerotch) #1

Hi, I’m new to Blender (like the subject suggests).
I’m just starting to get familiar with the interface thanks to all the tutorials I could find. Now I’m considering getting a book, too.

Which one of two books is better? The Blender Book or the Official 2.0 Guide?


(dreamsgate) #2

In my opinion the Blender book is better for breaking things down in easy to understand language. The 2.0 guide is a good reference though, if you can afford both.

(Xampersand) #3

I agree. If you can spring for both books, it will really help you.

(mikerotch) #4

Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll order the Blender Book first and probably get the other one when I’m more familiar with the program.

I see that the Blender Book was written for version 1.8. I hope the changes won’t be too dramatic from the current version (2.25 i think).

(dreamsgate) #5

The biggest change is from IKA’s to Armatures, but there is alot of armature tutorials writtenb by the community. Most everything else still applies. If you find something that doesn’t work like the book says, just holler, we’ll help out.