Hey guys, I’m new here. I’m a US citizen, and I really like Blender. I’ll probebly be constantly posting asking questions and thing like that. Anyway, hi

Posted yesterday and no replies? Kind of unusual for Elysiun. Welcome aboard mate. Hope you enjoy the forum. seems like it’s been kind of busy around here lately so that might be why no response.

hi and welcome :slight_smile: ( I know you from )

well…if you have and want to get help using Blender, the right forum would be “Blender General” -->

and again, welcome to blender/elysiun community :slight_smile:

kind regards,
ztonzy - admin.

gday good to know our communty is growing welcome to elysiun

ditto, you will prob meet heaps of new friends on Elysiun, for Example, I met Aidan

but im not his frend

shalom and welcome!