Newbies Modeling Creatures

We call him the native. I need to model the little guy in the same respect (polygon count) as: Bulbasaur
I understand blender’s interface relatively fair, nothing great. What steps would you use to model him?

Well, look at places like or Or even on and look up blender. There’s alot great tuts on how get started modeling. Tons of low poly modeling tutorials to on youtube.

Yeah, I’m not finding that many low poly tuts for modeling creatures in blender yet. I’ve have been at least two of those sites. Thanks for the links. Right now my progress is a train-wreck:

I have two leading questions that might need another thread. Firstly, where did I go wrong in modeling this guy? Secondly, is there a way for one to add vertices on a line/spline of two vertices? So far, I only have CTRL-R and K for some semi-precise dividing. Is there a key to adding just one vertice on a line?

As far as I know, Blender will only allow you to use 3 and 4 sided polygons, or faces. the only way to add a single vert to a line is to subdevide it. You need to be using extrusions to pull verts out. There are many ways to get the effect you want.
I would advise using some of the tutorials for modeling found in as Furlow had suggested.

Understood. So you are stating there is no way to add one vert on a line without extrusion?

Only if you highlight that edge and select W the subdevide the edge. if this is done with faces atached to the edge, it will add new poly, or faces to your mesh to compensate the number ov vertices.

Say you have a face with 4 sides. If you subdevide one edge, you will have 5 verticies in that face and Blender, by default, will add the necessary edges to compensate the mesh. Normaly by adding an edge from the new verticie to each of the opposite corners. Thus creating 3 triangles. And triangle will not work if you are adding animation to your model.

Note; I think what you may be trying to do is sort of draw with the vertices.

In order to do this;

  1. First, position the 3D cursor where you want the first vertice.
  2. Now hold the CTRL key down
  3. Now simply click the left mouse button.

This will place a new vertice at that location.
If you wish to add more such as drawing an outline, just keep the CTRL button held down, re-position the mouse and everytime you press the left mouse button, you will add a vertice at that point.

Hope this helps.

First, before you do anything, at least go through one tutorial modeling ANYTHING organic, and I do mean anything. Do that and you will have at least a foundation of understanding for line flow, and basic organic modeling techniques. It will make things infinitely easier on yourself. Take a browse through BlenderCookie see if something catches your eye, or if not pick one at random. Watch it all the way through, then try to model it, then watch it again so you can figure out where you went wrong.

The worst thing you can do when trying to learn this kind of stuff is jump headlong in and flail about and beg someone for help online. Take the baby steps to understand the basic mechanics of how it works and you’ll get there.

I agree 100%

I am also new in Blender and have completed the majority of the tutorials in CG Cookie.
Am working on my first solo model now. You can see it in my post “38 Year Old Dragon”

Check it out cloud_sync. I never could have done that if not for the help from David and Jonathan’s tutorials.

Some advice, Draw your character from side-view, top-view and front view -It should help with scale :yes:
Here is a brilliant tutorial (It is from a drawing to 3D) It also is a creature, I spent 14 minutes looking for this video for you! Please watch it! :smiley: Good luck!

@ RossBlenderArt 14 minutes? sends a thank you pm I haven’t seen this one before.

@ (Community) Thanks guys. I was hoping there was a particular type of mentality in modeling. It looks more like trial and error like traditional concept art.

Ha, I was wondering where I had commented to get the PM, thank you! :slight_smile: And yeah, it really was 14 minutes (I couldn’t find it anywhere but I had previously watched it and thought it was great!)