Newbie's question on this hotkey.

Does any one know the specific function of M Key?

Sometimes it can used to change the layer of an object, or

sometimes I can use it to open a menu which I can select in which way I want to rotate my object about the pivot, for example, I can choose “Global X”…

Please help on my simple question


In object mode it is the layer function. I don’t know where it’s the “global X”

Some of (well, most of) Blender’s hotkeys have multiple functions if pressed in combination with Shift, Alt, Ctrl, Alt+Ctrl… there’s a complete reference here.

The “Global X” thing comes out when you press Ctrl+M. It’s the mirror function, that mirrors the Global X/Y/Z values (the main coordinates of your object) around the pivot point.

thx two of you…

In future if theres any other keys you wonder what they do, goto help in the top menu bar and choose Hotkey and Mousemenu reference. when there you can choose which type of key for instance for ‘M’ go letters> M and you get a list of 9 functions for the key ‘M’