Newbie's self portrait

I’m a newbie to Blender. This is my first semi-serious attempt to model a face. This was done in 2 hrs. It’s supposed to look like me, but it really doesn’t. I’m finding the nose to be very tricky. You can tell I really didn’t finish the back of the head either

Anyhow, comments and crits are welcome.


It would be easier if you post the wire also. Eyes are too inward. Mouth and nose need more works. Areally good start for newbie. Keep it up.
Good luck!

Yes that looks pretty good.
If you want a better likeness you can always do what I did and paint a grid on one side of your face (put in some edge loops around mouth and eye). Then take photos from front and side, put them as background pictures in Blender and position a mesh exactly after the grid.
The problem with this approach is of course getting rid of the grid on your face. Even with water soluble paint it can stick for awhile in the fine wrinkles aroung the eyes and such :Z

What do you mean by “inward” ?

I’ve got another picture so you can see how I achieved this mess.

I do have a question whether you generally model in orthogonal view when you are using reference pictures. I notice that it does make quite a difference.