newbies unite


You joined yesterday, and you’re allready complaining about not getting any replies to your posts?
It takes some time before people post I can tell you. Expeienced users don’t have to help beginner, they just do it becouse they’re nice. If you don’t get comments, try giving other people crits, they need it too.
I do understand how you feel, and I think most people here hvae felt like that sometime, but just be patient, the crits will come some day.

Btw, I usually ask my dad when I don’t get any comments here. He doesn’t know anything about 3d, but he can tell me how it looks.

well i have gone to several peoples posts and commented, and its not the fact ive been here for a day with no posts, its the views without post, i repy to almost all i view, this is a community based on helping each other in critique, so we shouldnt be selective to the help we offer.
i do thank you for speaking your mind, and appreciate it.

Lets not forget the people who join, post 2or3 times and never come back again…Happens all the time. Sometimes people will take time to crit work, and the person will never reply or update. The odds are against new users getting feedback, I am sorry to say, but its just how it is.

Ps, an experienced elysiun user will also know to post these types of polls in the General Posts forum…

well i wont leave, trust that. i need help, and i know others do, so ill be here to offer my opinion atleast twice a day. too much of course.

ohh and i was the turkey all along

don’t be afraid of getting no reply’s
it’s better when they viewed
and just keep blending things
i’m busy now with my first big project after testing every day:
I think this is not the place to set this topic(you know this is the WIP area)
I hope i can help you
My MSN= [Email removed. Please use PM to contact.]
else just mail me

You think this is bad? Go to cgtalk… :-? Its a harsh world out there…lol
Same advice as given already, be patient.

havn’t you learnt anything…

im glad so many people are responding to this , it seems most believe people get enough help here, thats good.

Believe it or not I have had a few good projects, and maybe recieved one or two replies.

Then I post a crappy project “in progess” and get a load of replies.