Newby here

Just wanted to say hi to everyone here.

But seriously, can you guys tell me if blender is user friendly for dummy’s :stuck_out_tongue: I really want to learn to do animation but i dont want to bight off more then i can chew. Like, what tutorials should i read first, or what should i do before i start any tutorials? Thanks in advance

hi citron0! welcome to the Blender Artist Community! i think blender is user friendly and nearly anyone can use it. yeah biting off more than you can chew can get frustrating, but dont lose hope. persist. lol.

as for tutorials, id say these are my favorite: (lol just search)
and if you cant find anything in those, just google it.

before tutorials (if you want to) id say experiment, play around, try stuff out, and get the feel for it. it helped me a ton.

Thanks. Ill definitely give it my all to learn the ropes. Hopefully within a couple of months I’ll be submitting my first rendered character:cool:

Welcome to the community & all the best!


Main problem I always had was the interface, but 2.5 solved that. The Blender idiosyncrasies are still in there but there’s not as steep a learning curve when you come into the UI afresh.

No, blender is not friendly to dummies! The cool thing is that if you stick with it for a while, you will not be a dummy any more!

Welcome and enjoy your stay!