Newby need help with ground click walk.

Hi, i know it`s kinda hard but i want to make a game in which you can click on a Face of the ground, and a object walk to it… it also have to travel over the ground but it must not have a dynamic body.
I know this is a very advanced kind a script but I still hope some1 can help me…
thx! :smiley:
'Tis Plantperson’s. Should help you out.

nah, thats not really what i mean… I want a script in which he walk from the centre of a survace to another co face. and that pathfinder still has a dynamic body. and i want my object to travel with a certain speed over the ground… but also with hills etc.

I have that python, but im too lasy to send it here.:slight_smile: If you start new Thread, do some search in the forum first. I found that .py by searching. So work a little bit to get somthing.

You already have a thread just like this one. You don’t need two.