newby question on shifting the origin

Hi all,

Ok, so firstly, appologies if this just sounds retarded… I’m about 2 days (literally) into what will no doubt be a long and at times painful learning curve with blender.

I’m trying to edit an existing 3ds model that’s been given to me at work- don’t know what the guy was using to create it unfortunately. What I’m after is a way to set the origin of everything to a specific point (actually, from what I can see, it’s the object centre for one of the shapes).

Is there any way to easily select everything and say to blender ‘make this 0,00’? Ideally, I’d just want blender to apply this, without actually moving everything if you know what I mean?

And finally, will this remain correct when I export it again as a 3ds files? Well, cheers for reading this, and if there’s any pointers you can suggest I’d be much obliged! :eek:

There are options to set an object origin either by pressing the Origin button in the toolshelf (T) or by the keyboards shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
You can select the origin to be the position of the 3d curser, which can be positioned either by inputting its coordinated in the properties panel (N) or the keyboard shortcut Shift+S

Hi Richard, thanks for those pointers. Ok, so I’ve positioned my cursor where I want the origin to be, pressed Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C and chosen ‘Origin to 3D Cursor’, then pressed N and entered 0,0,0 in the Location fields. However, when I press N again and zoom out, it’s made a copy of this shape and placed it where (I guess) the origin is actually set, quite some way from where I want it to be. Have I missed a step do you reckon?