Newby - Unlinking Dopesheet keyframes

I am fumbling my way through Blender 2.5 and cannot find much info on keyframes in the dopesheet. Whilst pushing lots of buttons, I seems to have linked loads of meshes that I now want to seperate. When I click on a keyframe, it selects nearly all the keyframes in the column, which means I do global changes particularly on ‘emit’ button in the lighting menu. I have created a texture per mesh but I am not sure if the app realises this. Strange is that are a 2 objects that don’t suffer from this problem.
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The Emit you mention is a material property. And I’m guessing all your curves (not meshes, according to your image) share the same material. So those keyframes are all for the same emit property.

Go to the material properties and click on the number next to the material name to make it a single user for every curve

Many thanks. I seem to have alot to learn.
I have taken off all the numbers next to the materials and it has liberated half of the curves. Any other ideas where these links may come from?

When you start with 1 mesh or curve, give that a material, and then multiply it several times, all the duplicates share the same material. So either you make single users afterwards (like I mentioned), or you create materials afterwards. Depends on your needs

Initially, I had one material that fed many curves. I thought that by duplicating the material, changing its name and associating it to an individual curve would break the link. But this does not seem to be quite the case.

Using copy/paste material (in the arrow next to the material slots) would be the only way to create unlinked duplicates of a material.

If you assign 1 material to different objects, and then change the name of the material on 1 object, it would change the name for that 1 material on all objects.

And even if all your curves have different materials, those keyframes would remain if the original material is still in the material list for every curve (since you can have multiple materials for 1 object)

Looks like you have answered my question. Lots of copy / paste for me.

Many thanks