Newcomer in need of help :P

Just started in Blender, and I need some help:

After setting up the blueprints, how do I model on them(vertice creation and face building)

Does Blender support:
-Bone Animation
-MDL Files
-Poser 6 Files

That’s all for now.

Fir I’m new my self, both to blender and 3D modeling.

What i do to “trace” background images is :

  • Place a cube,
  • Select all (a)
  • shift+RMB one vertex and hit delete (vertices)
  • Rmb select the remaining vert and move it (3D movement tool or (g)) where you want to start tracing from.
  • With the vert still selected ctrl+LMB to place another, connected, vert… lather, rinse and repeat.
  • When finished, with the start and the end point ontop of each other (or near as damn it) select both start and end point and alt+m to merge them
  • to face up the image select your verts you want to make a face out of, then hit (f)

Can’t make a face! Already merged, I select them all (a), hit F and FGon appears. I click make and it says no faces selected to make FGon…

Damn, this DOES look like i’m commanding a spaceship :stuck_out_tongue:

you can only make a face with 4 or 3 vertecies. with 5+ vertices you need to split them up manualy or go to the object menu >> faces >> fill.
You can make faces, you just need to learn how…

When making faces, you can’t select more than 4 vertices. So for instance, you can make 4 vertice faces (select the 4 vertices and hit “f”), 3 vertice faces (select the 3 vertices and hit “f”), and form “edges” by selecting 2 vertices and hitting “f”. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:


nvm, wrong combo… As for the other 2 Qs?

In edit mode (TAB) there is a cluster of buttons just below the viewing window, one is 4 dots, the one next to that is 2 parralel lines and next to that a trianlge.
These are : Verticies, Edges and Faces. Select the 4 dots one, that is vert eiditng mode.

I think you should maybe download some video tutorials from the blender site (link to them stickied at the top of this forum, IIRC.) As you seem to be asking for help on a step, doing it then comming back asking how to do the next step… you’ll be here all year at that game, watch the first 3 or 4 blender video tutorials they will get you up to speed fast.

Don’t worry, I just use Blender for blueprinting.
Also, It seems blender can’t export to MDL files, am I right? neither open Poser 6 files…

Whooops, typo…