Newcomer wants to speed up Renderings

I’m fairly new to Blender and I think I can get my computer to render faster but I’m not sure where I should tweak my settings. I’m using a MacBook Pro with windows and I’ve already upped my threads to 8 but my guess is there is plenty of things I’m missing. Any tips would be super helpful.

many thanks

Go here:
Scroll down to: Decreasing Render Time

Edit: I give, use PapaSmurf’s link it is formatted better.

hey Matt, get back to work. Boss says you’re late for a meeting. I got out of it. Ha ha. Now I can play on BA.

quick tips up the threads to be used where possible and cut the render into smaller parts i.e. 64 X 64 or higher do a few tests to find out where your optimum is all of this can be found in the render panle.

Use Border renders to help tune exposure and lighting. This has nothing to do with render speed but has everything to do with doing fewer renders. Maybe someday I will have a render farm … until then I find it very useful to render only the highlighted area followed by the areas in deep shade. IMO this is easier than looking at 50% render.

Unless you have 8 cores (Which I somehow doubt…) don’t set the threads to 8. Threads is the number of cores/CPU’s that you have, for most people this would be 1 or 2, lots of people have 4 though. 8 is quite uncommon.