Newcommer needs help, what else is new?

(szocs2) #1


I have blender creator 2.23 from the binary windows installation.
I want to teach it to my children so they can make games in it (and secretly make them learn all kinds of stuff in the meantime).
I’m getting along OK, but all the documentation seem to belong to different versions of blender.
Where can I find some 2.23 specific stuff?

My problem right now is that whatever scene I create, even if it renders nicely, gives only a “monocrome” “shadow” realtime image: all my objects have the same grayish colour, even after following a tutorial.
I downloaded a cuite little elephantish game, and that looks nice…
(Question number two: how can I edit an existing game?)

Sooo, what I really need is a 2.23 aware tutorial of realtime shaded, coloured (no textures at first) rendering a single cube or whatever. I can take it from there :slight_smile:


(ndnchief) #2

You have to use U.V.Textures in the game engine. Just do a search of UV Texture either at Elysiun or the Knowledge Base, and you will find what you need. I dont have time right now to send examples. Oh, by the way, Publisher 2.25 is now open source, you can get it at

The NDN…

(joecool) #3

If you want, you can e-mail privately, and I’ll try to answer your questions:) I had the best teach me
(imgrandpaboy) :stuck_out_tongue:
[email protected]

I’m actually wanting to make a help file in .chm format but I can’t find a free converter… :-?

(joecool) #4

and to edit an existing game, if it’s a .blend file, just open it and do like you would your own file. if it’s a .blend but starts automatically, open blender, press F1, and select the file you want to edit. :stuck_out_tongue:

(guru202) #5

you may be able to find a CHM converter at this site:

They have lots of stuff :smiley:

(szocs2) #6

Thanks for the tips!

I’m downloading 2.25, and there was some (assumably matching version) documentation right next to it :slight_smile:

I’m going to figure out what UV textures are, and try again.

I can open .blend files, but I am unable to open more subwindows. In fact, I am stuck with a single 3d view, no menus, no buttons, just a raw 3d view filling my whole blender window.
Is there a hotkey to get the default window layout back?

Oh, and whoever started integrating ODN into Blender is working on becoming my personal hero. :slight_smile:


(joecool) #7

right click on the bar, and a menu will pop up. Then you can split the screen.
remember, you can e-mail me if you want me to help you.

(inka) #8

On top of blender there’s also a datablock called SCR (Screen). With this and the button left of it you can manage different screen configurations.

have fun