Newer Game Engine Slow

I’ve been using 2.25 to make games, because… well… because you can. Now I’m finally trying the 2.3 series, with the new game engine, and I’m discovering that some of my old game files run at less than 10 fps in the new engine. Why? These ran fine in the old one. Also, some objects appear and disappear, which is really odd to say the least.

I tried writing a 2.34 runtime, but when I tried to run it it said that python32.dll was not found, and quit. I really want to run a new version after all these years. RRGH [!]

yeah, the new runtimes are somewhat like the dynamic runtimes of 2.25, you need to distribute the dlls too

[not sure which ones exactly, but they should be in the directory you installed blender]

as for the slowness, I can’t really comment. Things really shouldn’t be that much slower, there are a couple new features [new bound types, viewport culling and alpha face object sorting, all alpha face sorting if ztransp enabled for material], but these shouldn’t cause that significant of a performance hit.

you need to have the blender player in your blender directory, then after you make the .exe you need to put it into a folder with python23.dll, and SDL.dll.

Where can I go to learn more about the new game features?