Newer version of Batch-Baking dirtmaps and UV packer

@@gregzaal it’s nice to see your development. I recently added old script to my repository.

There are only 2 scripts. TextureAtlas and the DirtBaker.

If you want i can add you as a developer and you will be able to commit your version of the script there. The repository uses Mercurial (this is like svn/git).

Just send me your gMail if you want.

I seem to have broken the ability to bake multiple objects at once… this may take a while to fix.

Cool add-on!

I’m still not sure if anyone else got this problem, but I broke something somewhere while removing and installing the addon over and over again with slight changes and similar names… anyway, crisis solved, the first post has been updated with the right file.

Next mission - include ability to bake to vertex colour (though I’m not sure why… I suppose it might render quicker than a 4k image texture… but maybe not. But whatever, it’s not for me to decide why a feature is needed and if it’s better than another way) and possibly also include the “Dirty Vertex Colours” somehow, bake to texture or something… some planning and research is needed.

This is coming along nicely Greg - good job! I presume you’ll make a tutorial for people at Blendernerd when you’re done? It’s almost too easy for a tutorial, but when people make a lot of stuff, greebles in particular, the script is a real timesaver, and I believe it does belong in trunk. Making a quick tutorial would make more people aware of it.

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And then there was an AO shader for cycles. Haven’t tested it yet, but I’ll give it a spin tonight. I must admit that I’m constantly fighting to get my texture budget into the GPU on my oldest machine, which has only 1.5GB vs. 4GB on my main box, and this could help remove the need for AO textures completely. In theory. Will try the practice and see…

Hello, I installed it as addon but still I can’t find it in the addons ?

Thanks, sloved

Yeah, same here. Just open it as a text block in Blender (ALT-O) and tick “Register”. Chose “Run Script” once to have the menu show up in the bottom of your Cycles render settings.

Hello, when i make it, it only work in Blender render texture mode, it don’t work with cycles ?

Probably an issue with the version of blender you’re using. I’ll see what I can do about getting it to work with 2.65

Okay, thanks. hope you do that as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

I hope so too, but this isn’t a priority of mine just yet. A few more days though and I’ll need it working myself :slight_smile: so hang in there. There’s always the old version that’s got basically the same functionality.

Hi Greg…
Why I got this problem when trying to bake dirt maps… ?

Currently I use Blender 2.65

Ah yeah, that would be because of some colour management changes the devs made a little while ago (just after 2.65 was released I think). Just grab a build from the build bot and try it out. Unfortunately, I screwed something up somewhere and my script may no longer install as an addon (working on it), try it, but if it doesn’t work, just open the script with blenders Text Editor and hit Run Script at the bottom.

Hello… I am trying to download the script from the link in the first post of the thread (where there says ‘download it here’) but there appears an ‘error 404’ page… what may be going on?

Sorry must have accidentally remove it. Here’s the link (and back on the first post)

Thanks… : - )