Newest Apricot Build

Soon as i load my blend and play, blender crashes… the previous Apricot build i was using was SVN Apricot 15606. Anyone else experience problems?

Same problem here =/

rather i should say ‘soon as i load blender and press Play’ it doesnt crash on loading the blend

yea 'sact same problem =/

well you can get 15859 from here

it’s newer than the one on graphicall… just get the one that says win32apricot… if you have windozes that is. .you will have to copy the old DLLs etc into the folder cos they just give you the EXE file.

thats where i get mine as well and so far I have had no issues. just put the exe in the 15606 folder and it will run.

just tried it and it crashes as well. Hopefully it isn’t because of my game, that would suck to have to redo all of it…

gulp. Forget that if its my game, im staying at the version im at XD

edit: and what did you mean the EXE? Replace what exe? The Blender.exe?

Works fine for me, I just cant tell what the changes are.

@ spiderbyte… read what I said… when you download blender from the Zoo people… lol… they just give you blender e.g. blender.exe … with no DLL’s or extra files to make it work. They do this to make it small and quicker to download… you can download the extra files… once from there site, it’s on the page too… it’s the link that says DLLS nécessaires à partir de la révision 14505…

Here’s how I got my game to work in the new version: FALLOW STEPS EXACTLY!!!

1: Save your game under a different name. DO NOT OVERWRITE YOUR ORIGINAL FILE UNTIL FIXED!!

2: Make a new empty scene and test it to make sure it runs. Save your blend.

3:Go back to your original scene, select an object, press ctrl-L, select your new scene from the list. This will move that object to the new scene. Delete the copy in the original scene. Test new scene to make sure it still works. If it doesn’t crash, Save your blend.
your game crashes after a move, try to remake that object.(NOTE: moving one of my my meshes crashed my game only once, when I tried moving it again without editing it, it worked fine, so try a couple of times to move it before remaking it)
4: Repeat step 3 until entire scene is transfered. If your feeling lucky, you can move larger groups of objects at a time, but the crash is more likely to happen.

Hopefully you don’t have more than one scene that crashes, or else you’ll be there for a while. This is also a good time to clean thing up by deleting stuff you don’t use that could be causing lag.

EDIT: Also, remember after you are done to SAVE, close and re-open blender to make sure it’s fine. I am using version 15888 at the moment, although this should work for all versions…hopefully

it’s not a bug, it’s an easter egg.

Just kidding… good thing you found a fix while we wait for a new version that works.

mmm, i dont like blender format because of things like this, the sDNA thing is cool, but sometimes some blend files get cancer (the dna gets ****) and blender starts to act weird. xml! xml! my kingdom for xml!