Newest Blender´s game exe starts in 16bits color...

The newest Blender´s game runtime starts in 16bits color and in full screen.
I know there´s a way to start a game with the - w flag to run it in a window. Like this it starts ok in 24 bits (blender player -w game.blend).
Is there any workaround to starting the project in full screen but in 24 bits color? The 16 bits mode is really ugly for texturing… Shouldn´t be so bad, but the textures are getting somehow posterized… see example below of the fullscreen 16bits alongside with the windowed mode 24 bits color.
Is the compress file and runtime options coming back anytime soon?

compress file is probably not coming back soon

the runtime options can be replicated with commandline switches

the the color problem with the textures is not blenders doing, it is the graphics card’s

Is there a switch for fullscreen 24 bits color?

Ok, but if I look at the texture in 16 bits display color in a browser or Photoshop, it´s pretty much like the 24 bits display. And if I look at it inside a Blender game, it gets very badly posterized.

Anyway, I can´t see the reason for the generated .exe to turn the monitor to 16 bits color… the performance here is pretty much the same as in 24 bits… 2.25 does a great job for fullscreen exe, making it 24 bits color. I guess I´ll keep using it while the glitch gets fixed.

the texture wasn’t converted to 16 bits per pixel, it was converted to 8

and no dithering either

intel graphics cards are known to do this, but they all can

older [3.5?] ati drivers for example did exactly that [on my 9600]

the command line args for the blenderplayer are:

usage:   blenderplayer [-p l t w h] [-f fw fh fb ff] -c [-g gamengineoptions] -s
 stereomode filename.blend
  -p: specify window position
       l = window left coordinate
       t = window top coordinate
       w = window width
       h = window height
  -f: start game in full screen mode
       fw = full screen mode pixel width
       fh = full screen mode pixel height
       fb = full screen mode bits per pixel
       ff = full screen mode frequency
  -s: start player in stereo
       stereomode = hwpageflip or syncdoubling depending on the type of stereo you want
  -c: keep console window open

example: blenderplayer -p 10 10 320 200 -g noaudio c:\loadtest.blend

Thanks a lot, z3r0 d! That -f argument really made my day!

That effects happened on me with a GeForce 4 128 Ti with one of the latest drivers from Nvidia.

Just one more thing about this… Why the compress file option will not be back anytime soon?

because it required the file had to be signed

that part of blender wasn’t open sourced [the signing part]

so, as far as I know the compression part was never open sourced either

[how well were things compressed? iirc it wasn’t very significant: zip would do a lot better]

My 7 MB project comes down to 3.5 MB with Blender compression. If I zip the compressed file, it goes down even smaller to 2 MB.

Does Blender compression influences the performance in the game or just sets the file size down?

As I see, the main advantage of compression is to publish in the game engine web plugin, where a zip file is not possible.
The other advantage is to have a slim .exe for download, instead of making not tech savvy people uncompress a zip file and then run the exe later.

Compression makes each scene take longer to load.

No way, it’s at least 16 bits. If it were 8 bits, each colour would only have 2 - 3 bits, for 4 - 6 shades each. To test it on my Intel card, I made a 256 pixel gradient from 0 to 255 in each red green and blue. In the game engine it showed 16 shades of each colour. That’s 4 bits per channel, or GL_RGBA4, or 16 bits per pixel.

It should be possible to override this texture “optimization” by using GL_RGBA8 in gluBuild2DMipmaps(), instead of the more general 3 or 4 that I notice being used in the Blender source.

The compression (gzip) and encryption (ssl) were part of a wrapper around the real blend file. The whole wrapper code was removed.

Internally, it uses GL_RGBA for textures - ie lets the graphics driver decide a suitable internal format. Tuhopuu2 will try and use GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA.

There is supposed to be a menu item where you can set the fullscreen resolution etc. - this looks like it is commented out.

alien-xmp, that´s our game engine man! Glad to know you browse these threads! Thanks for the great work on the engine!

Ok I’ve experience this too with my ati card it’s something that I can only get around by changing my res to 32 bit. I useuly get that with clouds only and maybe with water but nothing else.

Sure, it works fine in 32 and 24 bits color. The problem is that the exe genareted by latest Blender switches the bit depth to 16 bits automatically. The workaround is to start a Blend with Blender Player with arguments.

I found out why this is - there is no way of bringing up the panel where you set the fullscreen resolution, colour depth, refresh rate and stereo mode.

It used to be in the file menu, but I think I’ll put it in the game framing settings button.

Way to go, alien-xmp!

you might want to see if you can make these settings in 2.25…save… then reopen n 2.32. Do it with a copy just to test it out this way you can see if there is any data loss by re-saving with an old format.

No, it doesn´t work. As soon as the fale goes back to 2.33a it creates a full screen exe. it doesn´t keep the 2.25 settings.
But it doesn´t damage the file either.

Well besides the wheel mouse settings is there any significant features that are in 2.33a that aren’t in 2.25? If not then just make the EXE with 2.25. If so then you might be screwed until this is addressed to the programers. Also you might want to search the developer’s forum to see if there is a build that may have these features.

That´s what I´ve been doing (exes in 2.25) or using a BAT file to start the 2.33a file as I like.

i used 2.25 to make exes but my harddrive was fried and i lost everything
i have blender again but i cant remember how to install the licence key
will you help?

it is in the file menu, the option to install the license key

[it may save user defaults again [tho I doubt it], do it on the default scene]