NewLife - the Movie (Filmproject)

Hy Folks!
We are 2 Artists from Munich

We are very proud to present you a first testversion of

This version is a full production of acts 0 and 1. (out of 10)
We produced and release it, to get feedbackfrom you in this early state of production.

It´s a personal project and we want you to enjoy it !
So enjoy - leave a comment - make us happy

visit the NewLife-Blog and read details about the production


in our BLOGyou can leave a message or VOTE without leaving your name/email !

Cheers, Tobi & Wiki

oh yeah ! HERE SOME RENDERS :eek:

any comments, suggestions are welcome !!!
visit the NewLife-Blog and read details about the production

thx :yes:


Looking great already!

The story is set after Half-Life? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s looking pretty great so far but there were two things that was pretty disturbing.

  1. The guy has beard all over his head.
  2. The boy have some really awkward walk & run cycles. Take a good look at his arms while he is running/walking.

The environments look amazing! but the characters are not on the same level, they need some more work.

Not bad mate!
It would be nice to have the voice speaking english…
You need alot of work on walk-cycles, especialy for that boy, he has a freaky run-cycle, wtf is going on with his arms???
I like the environments very much though!

Looks funny and the dancing arm animation too :slight_smile:
Will you release the files later?

hey, thx for your replys and your suggestions - very helpfull and refreshing to me…
lot of work (and love) in there…so thx for that :wink:

i have to make a second hairsystem for the mans head and work heavy on walkcycles and motions. thats f… true :slight_smile:
And yes - the final movie will be in released in english and additionally in german.

It will be under CC licence and maybe (im still not sure if its the right way) it will be a OpenSourceMovie.
In this case i would release all the source-blends… but i´m struggling with that since i´ve read
the definition of “open souce film” on wikipedia.
The CC-licence i have to choose allows everyone to use it in commercial projects,
and i dont want to give all that rights away. But i´m not sure if i´m right…
Any suggestions to that CC topic ?
Thx again for the creative input !!!
So far - Good Fight - Good Night