Newly Blender Created game. Its play time!

Hey this is Disco124 come back. :smiley: I’ve finished my first complete game using the 2.25 version. A reader of the Blender Gamekit, I have produced this game for an interactive media class.

The original interface was a chair with foot pedals, spring loaded levers, and a projector.

Note that the size of the game is 30.5mb.



Sorry disco124, I’d like to take a look at your game but with my present server the connection gets cut so many times, even with a download manager more often than not a file that size usually gets corrupted. So it looks like I’ll have to wait till I get broadband (Hopefully soon!).


if you compress the file it gets much more smaller by the way(20,4mb)

Your idea is hilarious and I really like the music. I don’t like the controls, why couldn’t you use asdw or the normal arrow keys? I’m sure this game must be pretty long with such a huge file, but I don’t know what to do once I get out of the JPL. The duck was so slow that I got frustrated and quit.


Disco124 here.

I’m going to try to greatly reduce the file size in the coming days for people with slow connections. This will mean reduced sound quality.

Sorry about the controls. This game is still in a kind of BETA mode. I’ll fix it up.

Tip: After the duckling gets to the city, it sees a bird. The duckling now wants to fly but can’t. There is a door in the city. Find the door.

Yes the duckling is slow in terms of movement. However, if you finish the game, there is a pay off. Trust me.

Have fun,


Disco124 here. So I quickly reduced the sound quality and compressed the game in a zip file (as recommended by NOR.J).

The new version has reduced audio quality of the music but the rest of the game is the same.

The size is a little over 8mb.

To get it now 8) :



Pretty good music, but gameplay needs as bit of work. Main thing is the controls… way too hard to do. I mean, i could do it, but it’s kinda dumb.

2nd thing, the wings of the duck should be twosided, so you can see them from both angles. they dissapear looking at them from specific angles. To do this, select all the faces of the wings and go to the facebuttons and click twosided and then copy drawmode.

I didn’t think the duck moves too slow, but you need to kinda move with the platforms. You slide off them too easily.

Other than that, it’s an ok game…


Yeah, so the music the result of processing some midis I wrote through the Logic program with Edirol VST.

I know the controls are weird. Understand though, it made it easy to hardwire the numpad buttons to the physical interface.

Thanks for the tip on how to fix the wings. That was driving me nuts.

I actually slowed the platforms by half before the actual release. Perhaps I’ll make it even slower, but then it wouldn’t be challenging, right? Oh well.

Hey Pooba, your Neo avatar through me off for a minute. I thought that Keanu Reeves was a blender user and that he was commenting on my game. Weird. :o

Thanks for the input.


Hi disco124. Well you’ve certainly put a lot of work into your game, but I think I must agree with the others about the controls. I feel you need to be able to move forward and turn without moving your fingers around too much and maybe spacebar to fly. Good first game, some nice textures.


he is Keanu Reeves, and im scrat from ice age. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously, the game looks good but i agree with everyone about the controls.

Keith. 8)

For the sliding on the platforms thing, did you try adding more friction to the platform’s material?

The game looks really great, good job! :smiley:

Ooo, thats a good one. I didn’t think to add friction to the material. I’m a fairly experienced Blender users, but the game engine stuff is still new for me.


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