Newly Titled Olympic... Thing (1600x1200 Pg. 2)

Was watching the Olympics today, and felt the need to blend something.

There’s some raytracing problems in some of them (look near the sticky outty deelies).

Also, I have to ask this, why is table tennis an Olympic sport? They gonna add air hockey soon?

I like it. Cool!

clever :slight_smile: nice work

You should give that to the olympic challenge on blenderbattles. I was going to do something like that, but now I dont think it would have been that good.

oh i dont know why table tennis is a olympic sport, but i think its todo with the number of good players in the world

Good concept… I hate the olympics though somehow…it’s so boring …

wow looks cool, i dont like the elympics maby if they had paintball fights as a sport :D.


due to the refleted color of the sky, I think that your Blenderolympic logo has too faint colors. I’d like to see them more plain (but yet reflecting, don’t misunderstand me), perhaps by playing with the Cmir values IIRC?

Very creative, anyway :slight_smile:

Nice, good use of blender logos.

Thanks all for the comments, and as for the blenderbattles challenge, I think I might just do that.

coolness! :smiley:

Sweetness :smiley:

clever idea! came out looking great!

neat. love the reflections.

And more thanks go out to the recent comments. I’m rendering a 1600x1200 right now if anyone’s interested. Should be done in… eh… 2 hours…

nice, uh, shiny, cool.

ma, wa, fa, sa, ta, ra …

After around 6 hours of rendering at 3200x2400, here’s a 1600x1200. (750 kb)

Also played with the Fresnel a bit. When you look at this one, you’ll notice that the logos aren’t really circular and smooth, but subsurf really messed them up, and I was too lazy to try and round them out.

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow nice work :o

Cool Picture. Unfortunately, as with my logo when I blew it up to 1280x1024, you see the polygons in the curves of the logo. Maybe try to make it higher resolution, but that would probably involve remodeling the whole logo. It did for me.

As to the table tennis as a sport:

I’m holding official tryouts for anyone who wants to be my partner on the US olympic foosball team in 4 years.

I’m also going to try to medal in paper football, but I suppose that most countries would prefer paper rugby.

Next I’m going to try to start Olympic Monopoly and Olympic Checkers, or Olympic Tic Tac Toe, or Olympic Rock Paper Scissors, or Olymp. . . .

I’ll mess about with the logo a bit more, to see if I can smooth it out.

I better get a Canadian team together so you can have some competition! But I suck at Checkers, and I think air hockey would be a wonderful addition to the Olympics.