[News] Anisotropic filtering in BGE

This week moguri commited in Trunk revision 37521 a patch in BGE to add Anisotropic Filter. It´s a great improvement for us :evilgrin:

To use this take a look in Preferences/System

Committing patch #25676 Anisotropic filtering in viewport and BGE by me.

This patch adds anisotropic filtering of textures in the viewport and the BGE. The quality of the filtering is adjustable in the user preferences under System. For more information on anisotropic filtering:

One current limitation of this setup (having the option a user preference) is it makes runtimes more troublesome. Runtimes don’t have user preferences set, so for now the blender player defaults to 2x AF. Options will be added later to change this value (probably a command line option).

Thanks Moguri! :evilgrin:

Will be a nice improvement to overall Graphics.

I’ve enjoying it already with a new Windows build, and it doesn’t take much time to apply it to the entire game.

Will be a nice improvement to overall Graphics.

In some cases, that would almost be an understatement, while some high-resolution textures tended to cope with the old basic mip-mapping without too much quality loss, some textures would simply become entirely muddy at a visible distance from the camera, the filtering that is now in can be seen as a solution and should give a more professional look to most BGE projects.

Great effect on the filtering, but the object’s color no longer shows up, while textures do in multi-texture and texture face modes. GLSL mode works correctly, though. Oddly, the color appears if I use emit, but not otherwise.

Awesome, it was only yesterday I was reading about anisotrophic filtering and thinking to myself “ever since my early years using BGE, I’ve wished something could crispen up those texture errors I keep seeing”

Huge thanks to Moguri

A long time ago, i’ve asked for it
It’s now very nice!