news: cliched??

thnx everyone for the c&c for the wrangler, i finally got the job and have a lot of free time now, though dont feel like working on “end of the world” right now…so here’s a simple scene…the attempt is to attain photorealism…i know the scene is kinda cliched, the spoon looks weired and the texture on the newspaper is lo-res…i am trying em…at the the last two problems…please give ur feedback

Very very nice! :slight_smile:
What is your spoon made of? Wd be also nice to have a small plate in the picture under the cup and the spoon on top of it. After you stir the coffee…will you put yr spoon on top of your wood’n table.?..only if you leak it first. :slight_smile:
That is also can be only me, but your newspaper is too flat,its too perfect…this is the first thing that tells me that the picture is not real.
Take care

I agree, good start, but everything looks too perfect. You might consider some coffee still in the spoon, as I can never keep it out after I stir it.