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Hey all,

Not sure how many that are still around would remember me, i know most of the current frequenters probably wont. Just check the amount of posts and you’ll know that i was heavy into elY and more inportantly Blender!!!

I just graduated from the Vancouver Film School, i chose the modeling stream . I also just started my frist week at EA in Burnaby, im part of the “body shop” or central art group.

We studied XSI at VFS, but im currently using Maya for production. But i do have a current version of Blender installed and really hope to pick it up again soon, depending on how hecktic work is as i hear “crunch time” can be a bit exhausting!!! hehe :o)

But im prepared for it, VFS itself was like a year of crunch and totally worth it, not to mention fun and getting to hang out with other “3D people”, usually day and night (4am coffee runs anyone?!?!) hehe :o)

Anywayz, i just wanted to drop in and let everyone who remembers me what im up to. You may see me again soon asking how to do something in Blender!!! lol

Hmmm, maybe i should hope on the #BlenderChat and see who’s on, later all!!! :o)

Best Regards,


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I don’t really know you that well, but hey welcome back!

Working at EA? Now that’s gotta be fun. So is that a permanent gig you got there?

Hey WhiteBoy,

Just contract for now, a 5 month one, but im going to work VERY hard and hopefully make enough of an impression to maybe get on permenant, or at least have my contract renewed!!! :o)

Yeah, it is fun, its a really nice place to work and everyone there has been so nice to me. I really couldnt imagine a better job, i really love 3D and to make a living at it is a dream cone true.

Anywayz, thanks for the reply, even tho you dont know me, thats cool!!! :o) I used blender for almost 2 years, went mad with it really!!! hehe :o) Never really contributed much back to the community, only wrote one game engine tutorial way back when (which i accidentally overwrote with other images of a chick i was working on). But i always had a great time here with all you blenderheads, and absolutly love blender!!! I told so many people at VFS about it and i will do the same at EA, tho im pretty much a peon right now… lol :o) Which reminds me, i can play WoW and Battle for Middle Earth at work, as well as other games of course, now thats cool!!! :o)

Anywayz… have a good one WhiteBoy, and keep on blending!!!

Best Regards,


Blend on, and blend well!!!

so are we getting any snow this year or what? :-?

my board is getting rusty :frowning:

I hear EA is a great place to work, best of luck.

Hi Bapsis!

and welcome back :wink:

and good luck with your career :smiley:

/me is in envy


Hey Bapsis. Weclome back. Cool that you’re working at EA. I have a friend who was going to work there (on the programming side) but he got a job at Relic in Vancouver (Yaletown) instead. Have you always lived in the Vancouver area, or did you come here for VFS?

Sounds like you enjoyed VFS. I was/am considering doing a little schooling there.

I wonder how many blenderers there are in the Vancouver area.

i remember you.

youve given me hope that i can get a job with CG! thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your name looks familiar but I don’t remember I’m afraid. It’s great that you got a job in such a good company. Maybe you could post some of your work if it’s not copyright. Some people have an aversion to the use of commercial products to make images and posting them in Finished projects but you can put them in off-topic or something. Maybe even post at CGTalk and put links here.

I hope all goes well for you. CG is a tough industry. I wanted to get into it but I’m not prepared to go back to university to study it because it’s too expensive and I reckon I could learn it on my own if I got my ass in gear. For now I’ll probably do something else.

Still, I’m sure that lots of people here (including me) would like to know your exact career path. Like what courses you studied and what was involved. Then how you got in contact with EA and landed the job. Also, what kind of work you do at EA. Basically your life story ;).

DUDE!!! Hey man! Glad to see you poke your head in here once in a while still.

Congrats on the job. SOunds like it will be very interesting. So doing game characters then? Must be different from doing high poly stuff.

Keep us posted and good luck with it.


Hi Bapsis!

Hey Bapsis! It’s good to read you again! Hummm… EA? that’s a good pick!

Good luck!


which i accidentally overwrote with other images of a chick i was working on

Hehe… I hope there’s more to “the other side” of campus life!
Good to hear from you again.



Gamers Against EA

Hope you can make a differerence. :slight_smile:

Hey Bapsis! I remember you (even though you may not remember me). glad you’re doing well, good luck at EA (don’t let them work ya TOO hard) .

Hey Bapsis! Good to hear from you! Congrats on the EA job, and I do hope they renew your contract to make it permanent! :smiley:

Hey Bapsis, i dident know you very well either… But i remember your avatar :slight_smile: . Welcome back annyways :stuck_out_tongue:


I wasn’t expecting so many hello’s, thanks all!!! :o)

ztonzy- thanks man, good to “see” you again! How goes everything? Its good to see that your still blending, will have to check to see if you posted anything recently. Good to hear from you dude!!!

NateTG- Cheers, i bet Relic would be a cool place to work as well, i heard about them when i was at vfs. I had only been to vancouver once in highschool for a MetallicA concert, and did the move last year for school. VFS was an awesome, alltho expensive experience. If you think you can handle it financially and are prepared to REALLY go for it then i would definatly suggest the school. I took all the money for the school and to live off on loan, but i was counting on working hard enough to get a good job immidiatly after school, and was very lucky as well becase EA is doing alot of hireing.

orion 119net- thanks man, that was a really awesome thing to say, im glad that i can inspire you to get a CG job! Go for it dude, dont hold back if you want it!!! :o)

osxrules- Thats cool, i was just one of a gazzillion blenderheads, and was only around for around 2 years, blended like crazy tho!!! hehe :o) I will check and see after the game is out if i can post some of my game models, but for now i cant even mention what game im working on, but thats cool, i do respect their policy of confidenciallity, we dont want to spoil any good suprises!!! As far as going to uni, you dont really have to if you cant afford the money or time, most studios use Maya or XSI and you can download free versions of those to teach yourself. I would suggest specialising in a particular feild, at VFS the 3 streams were Modeling (which i chose), Animation and Visual Effects. So if you want a job as a game modeler just concentrait on your models and textures.

BgDM- Bro, hows it going?!?!? Glad to see you again too, thanks for the congrats!!! Yeah, but i can still do high poly in my spare time, that is until i get a girlfriend which would easilly take me away from doing 3D away from work!!! LOL :o) Too true tho!!! :o) Hope to hear from ya soon!!! :o)

PlanetPerson- Hey dude, good to hear form you. Are you still making games and blending? If so, keep it up man!!! :o)

Flight%- LOL!!! Yeah, t’was a CG chick, tho i can honestly say she was a model… heheh :o)

Enzoblue- Well, dont know if i can change EA from being the very ambitious company they are, in fact i dont even mind 'cuz they are growing large enough to hire me, and now i get to make a good living making games. If any difference it will be visually, 'cuz i really do want to make the best game characters that i can!!! :o) We are all intittled to our own oppinions and beliefs, and i respect yours, thanks for the post!!! :o)

slikdigit- Heya man, of course i remember you, i never forget a…well, in this case name… hehe :o) Thanks for the “good luck”, tho i must say i’ve had my fair share in the last year ( i hope im not tapping it dry prematurally…hmmm) hehe :o) I wont, i think that alot of “hard work” is complained by ppl who really arn’t ment for this career. I remember doing projects in blender when unemployed that spanned 2-3 months of like 18 hours a day, and i know there are alot of ppl in this community who are doing just the same, and have for a long time. We are the people who are made for this, seirous artists that strive to be better and seriously LOVE what they do. Right now im getting paid to make me a better artist, you cant get a sweeter deal that than!!! :o) I better watch and make sure that “I” dont work myself too hard, like i wanted to at VFS… boy, what a year that was!!! hehe :o) Take care dude, keep on blending!!! :o)

Friday13- THanks man, i appreciate the sentiment, it would be really cool to be on perminant, but i would be very happy with a renewal as well!!! Have a good one!!! :o)

NOR.J- Thanks man, i remember you as well, lots of post reading i did here. Thank you for the welcome, muchly appreciated!!! :o)

Wow, anyone ready for chapter 2?!?! lol My forarms are acctually feeling the “burn”, lol :o) But after such a nice welcome i couldn’t not reply to you all, its really nice to hear from all you guys and too meet a few more blenderheads, some of my favorite people on earth, honestly!!! :o) I hope you all (maybe me as well if i can find time) keep on showing the world what a totally capeable and awesome program Blender is. I have seen some AMAZING art come out of this community and i have seen alot of hard work people put into it, not just for themselves, but to help and teach others through tutorials, online forums IRC and email. This is where Blender really gets its strength, the programers keep adapting and creating new tools to “keep up with the times”, and the artists keep using it to create high quality models, animations and renders, the game developers keep pushing for better and better looking and playing games, this will lead to people getting to gether and producing assets that are commercially viable.

Anywayz, thats way too much for now, thanks for the relipes guys, i will stop in now and then, and in the future you guys will be able to critique me on your Playstations and Xboxs hehe :o) Take care all!!!

Best Regards,


Blend on and blend well!!!

PS: If you read all of that rant, then you seriously need to get a life… hehehe jk!!! :o)

:o) = :slight_smile:

I use a o as a nose in my smileys, always have… its too bad there isnt one for that… :slight_smile:


Blend on, and blend well!!!


Glad to see you around again :slight_smile:


Heya S68,

Good to see you again too man, and definatly good to see people who were long timers when i started still with us, you old man you!!! hehe :o) Take care of your self dude!!! :o)

Best Regards,


Blend on, and blend well!!!