News from CES 2013: Lenovo releasing touch screen monitor with wacom technology

CES news update.

While this isnt exactly Blender specific, this news is big enough to warrant some attention for those who never felt a $2000+ cintiq was within their budget.

The monitor comes in two forms, wireless (which connects via wifi) and an wired. Also interesting to note is that these monitors are not designed to just be stuck to your desk in an up right position.

The estimated price range will be from $300-400 and features 256 levels of pressure via the wacom digitizer.

I personally use a cintiq for all my 3d and 2d work, even the pen for basic modeling. When it comes to sculpting and texturing, this will undoubtedly up the capability for any artist using blender or other asset creation software.

Read more and see video here:

well wacom is also selling this stylus, which is supposed to have some pressure sensitivity and runs with most android tablets

Tokyo, Japan and Vancouver, Wash. - December 4, 2012 - Today Wacom® announces Bamboo Stylus feel, a new addition to the Bamboo Stylus family that features two digital pens with Wacom’s patented EMR (Electro-Magnetic Resonance) technology for tablets that integrate Wacom feel IT into their designs, such as the Samsung® Galaxy Note 10.1. Marketed under the Bamboo Stylus feel
brand, these high-quality, pressure-sensitive pens provide precise note-taking, sketching and navigating for mobile device users seeking a natural-feeling experience.

Different from Wacom’s capacitive Bamboo Styluses available for iPad, iPhone and other touchscreens, the Bamboo Stylus feel delivers a powerful combination of “active” pen and sensor technology for a digital pen experience that emulates the feel of a traditional ball-point pen or pencil. Pen and tablet communicate with each other via electromagnetic signals, an ingenious and intuitive technology which was created by Wacom and highly coveted by millions of users worldwide.

Availability and Price
Bamboo Stylus feel, available January 7th In North America on Wacom’s eStore and at select retailers, is being offered in two high-quality versions. The carbon fiber pen (available in smart executive-silver/black) is priced at $79.95 USD. The second pen, priced at $39.95 USD, will be available in both black and white versions. Both pens have a smooth coating on the tip, which feels incredibly comfortable and natural to use on the screen. Nib replacements are included inside the retail packaging.

You can also nab an assortment of other pens that will work with it, such as the Axiotron pen (still wacom tech). This seems to be one of the most popular pen replacements, often more similar to the intuos pen.

great news!
I have been waiting for that!
Hope they have enough capacity to bring them to Europe fast as well…