news from Lukas Tönne

in dev mailing list Lucas writes

As part of the ongoing work on the particles-2010 branch i decided to
address some of the nagging issues of group nodes. While nice in
theory, the usability of node groups suffers from bad behavior and
missing features to reveal its true power. Three things in particular
i would like to fix:

  • External sockets should be renameable to give some meaning to the
    parameters and outputs of a complex group.
  • The order of external socket should be changeable (e.g. to stress
    different importance of sockets).
  • The internal sockets that get an external counterpart should be
    selectable explicitly, instead of having to use ugly workarounds to
    hide some of them

There are certainly more features that would be nice to have for nodes
(nested groups, more ui improvements), but these three can be
implemented quickly.

Here’s a small video demoing the feature:

That’s a really, really nice addition! I hope it makes it to the trunk soon. Thank you Lukas!

Brecht promised to review his patch. I hope it makes it into trunk.


Hooray! Nested group nodes FTW! I hope he will tackle those…

If you want to try this feature, download my win32 Blender build. :slight_smile:

Click here.

that looks incredibly useful!
trunk! now! :slight_smile:

Amazing.This is making node system so much more fun to play. Thanks a lot.