Hey guys, its me again! Anyways, for all of you people who responded, or read my “sound in games” topic awhile back i got some bad news…my new game Appocolypse was coming out Dec.31…but its been posponed…there are many reasons for this…first of all when i started Appocolypse i was very unexperienced in game development, and i made a very irresponsable schedule for myself, which gave me practically NO time to do the dynamics :x ! I need a little extra time to finish it, im starting to compose the game now…secondly the whole christmas deal kinda messed me up, people to see, gifts to recieve :smiley: . Anywho, i should be done no later than Jan.19, and for the rest of you who have no idea what im talking about read on…TUDBZD is a game development company completely dedicated to blender made games (that is full-fledged games, not primaraly demos). Appocolypse is the game im working on now, find the sound in games topic and read more about it, cause this topic is getting long enough already! Well thats it, so go to on dec.31…er…i mean jan.19, and pick ya up a copy! AND WATCH OUT THIS SPRING, cause im gunna start development on my next game…boy, oh boy i cant wait! its gunna be a killer! Merry (late)christmas, happy new year, and remember, yoda’s just like a dog, give him a spoonfull of peanut butter and its quality entertainment for hours!

Hah! Typical… How about this, instead of trying to create a buzz, why don’t you silently work on a game until it’s done or atleast with some screenshots? i think its kind of pitiful to brag about stuff when you have nothing to show.


yeah i know…i would have never even told anyone about it if i knew this was going to happen…but, i mean, how else is anyone gunna know about it if i dont tell them? plus i wasnt really bragging or anything, i had alot of questions during its production so i almost had to mension it…oh well…hmm, well, think of it this way, take a big game development company like nintendo, they tell people about a new game there developing in a magazine before they even start developing it! I just made a mistake early on…thats all…

no prob, i do that all the time, and so do alot of ppl :slight_smile:

doogs! youre such a JERK doogs! lol… %|

i agree though, but it should have been said way nicer… doogs is mean, lol… i havent seen any hype turn into any finished product ever… but good luck and get to work! :slight_smile:

Well, the guy tries to hype up a game and then he SUDDENLY realizes he’s never made a game before, so that cuts back on his due date. Thats freaking nonsense.


hey doogs, would ya like some whine with that? haha, its not really all that bad, i mean, i missed my deadline by 3 weeks, and 2 of those weeks are for getting my website ready! And consedering that the game is pretty complex compared to most other blender games, missing my deadline by 1 week isnt a big deal at all…you know, i only posted this topic for the people who knew about Appocolypse already, not for you to complane about!

i think what doogs is trying to say is that he wants to see some of your work… show us something… anything

ppl always talk and never have anything to back it up… remember all those blender game teams?? no team has made anything beyond average

and how do u know your game is going to be better or more complex than other games? i once figured i was one of the best when a game just sprong out of nowhere and distroyed mine (peter’s FPS)

you are never the best… no one is… everytime u think you are, ull find someone whos better than u or has done something better

ive seen a lot of hype go into a crappy game and no hype go into an amazing game, what really counts is how good the game REALLY is

so i guesse what im trying to say is, show us something
well see how good ur game really is

well… not trying to put anyone down, i hope ur game turns out good
good luck

bring screenshots!!! :smiley:

doogs, you could be a little nicer %| , but you are right. Anways, dont over hype ur game, cause if you mess up and cant finish then ur its not gonna look good on you.

hahaha take it from doogs rather follow in his footsteps. i remember the day doogs showed up and claimed himself to be the game master of all time with not even one game made. he is rather good at publication as well - knocking gaming groups and what not like a 1 man polygon army. when were you going to finish your games there doogie howser?

best of luck TUDBZD69 and keep us posted

hahaha, wow, i really like the intrest you all have in my game :smiley: Anywho, sure ill give ya some screenshots, and ineedanewbi, the reason why i said its more complex than most blender games, is because ive seen alot of blender made games, i have 6 saved on my computer! but, almost all of them are demos! i see alot more demos out there in the blender universe then actual full-fledged games, with many levels, and several hours of gameplay…i think we should move away from making just demos, and try to start making commercial quality games, thats what TUDBZD is all about…now, appocolypse isnt quite commercial quality or anything like that, but its not a demo, it has 10 vivid, long levels chocked full of enimies, and obstacles. Now for the screen shots…well, i dont have a website or anything, so…im gunna have to ask if someone can host them on theres for awhile, or maybe i could just get a

i can host some if you would like - send em to [email protected]

can’t wait

cool, they’ll be in your inbox in a couple hours…

for anyone interested in this project please check out the link below

coming along nicely :wink:
keep it up

Nice game, Hope it’s finished soon :smiley:

Nice screens

Ok after all that hype, you SO did not make the best looking blender game. Give me a break. Everyone who reads this please never try to overhype a game. Those screenshots are pititful. Ive seen better wireframe shots than this rubbish. Also, tubzd, you should probably try to run your words through a spellchecker before posting pictures.

love in christ,

haha please enough with the smack talk - like your “armidillos” are anything compared to those models and if i remember correctly i knocked your ship in smash blaster and all you did was make it smaller. move on and leave christ at the door… oh no not another religion debate what have i done. your imaginary god will not save you.

Yeah, come on doogs, you don’t have to be such an ass. The characters are pretty nice. Is it a platform game?

This one is for everybody. If you really think a game isn’t that great, you can say it, but you don’t have to be so mean about it. This game doesn’t deserve to be called “pitiful” it looks better than Roller and Roller was never called pitiful (unless behind my back :x ).

We want constructive critisism, not mean insults.


rollerball rocked. im pissed that tubbzd is trying to ruin our community by saying all we make is demos. Well it takes YEARS to create a long lasting game that is DECENT. So stop knocking our demos. PFFFFFFF